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VuXML IDDescription
61bc44ce-9f5a-11ea-aff3-f8b156c2bfe9sympa - Security flaws in setuid wrappers

A vulnerability has been discovered in Sympa web interface by which attacker can execute arbitrary code with root privileges. Sympa uses two sorts of setuid wrappers:

  • FastCGI wrappers
  • newaliases wrapper

The FastCGI wrappers wwsympa-wrapper.fcgi and sympa_soap_server-wrapper.fcgi were used to make the web interface running under privileges of a dedicated user.

The newaliases wrapper (sympa_newaliases-wrapper) allows Sympa to update the alias database with root privileges.

Since these setuid wrappers did not clear environment variables, if environment variables like PERL5LIB were injected, forged code might be loaded and executed under privileges of setuid-ed users.

Discovery 2020-05-24
Entry 2020-05-26
lt 6.2.56