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This page displays vulnerability information about FreeBSD Ports.

The VUXML data was last processed by FreshPorts on 2023-01-25 11:36:57 UTC

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VuXML entries as processed by FreshPorts
packagevuln count
[blank means (1)]
3proxy port
a2ps port
a2ps-a4 (2)port
a2ps-letter (2)port
a2ps-letterdj (2)port
aacplusenc port
abiword port
accountsservice port
acroread (5)port
acroread4 (5)port
acroread5 (5)port
acroread7 (2)port
acroread9 port
activemq (3)port
adminer (4)port
adns port
advancecomp (2)port
agenda-snow-libs port
aide port
alsaplayer port
amarok port
amaya (2)port
ampache port
ansible (13)port
ansible1 port
ansible23 (3)port
ansible24 (3)port
ansible25 (3)port
ansible26 (3)port
ansible27 (3)port
anubis port
anydesk port
ap20-mod_pubcookie port
ap22-mod_fcgid port
ap22-mod_jk port
ap24-mod_fcgid port
ap24-mod_jk port
ap24-mod_perl2 port
apache (24)port
apache+ipv6 (6)port
apache+mod_perl (6)port
apache+mod_ssl (9)port
apache+mod_ssl+ipv6 (8)port
apache+mod_ssl+mod_accel (4)port
apache+mod_ssl+mod_accel+ipv6 (4)port
apache+mod_ssl+mod_accel+mod_deflate (4)port
apache+mod_ssl+mod_accel+mod_deflate+ipv6 (4)port
apache+mod_ssl+mod_deflate (4)port
apache+mod_ssl+mod_deflate+ipv6 (4)port
apache+mod_ssl+mod_snmp (4)port
apache+mod_ssl+mod_snmp+mod_accel (4)port
apache+mod_ssl+mod_snmp+mod_accel+ipv6 (4)port
apache+mod_ssl+mod_snmp+mod_accel+mod_deflate+ipv6 (4)port
apache+mod_ssl+mod_snmp+mod_deflate (4)port
apache+mod_ssl+mod_snmp+mod_deflate+ipv6 (4)port
apache+ssl (8)port
apache-ant port
apache-event (2)port
apache-itk (2)port
apache-openoffice (8)port
apache-openoffice-devel (8)port
apache-peruser (2)port
apache-solr (3)port
apache-struts port
apache-tomcat (2)port
apache-worker (2)port
apache-xml-security-c (3)port
apache13 port
apache13+ipv6 port
apache13-modperl port
apache13-modssl port
apache13-ssl port
apache2 port
apache20 port
apache21 port
apache22 (9)port
apache22-event-mpm (6)port
apache22-itk-mpm (6)port
apache22-peruser-mpm (6)port
apache22-worker-mpm (6)port
apache24 (27)port
apache_fp (4)port
apr port
apr0 (2)port
apr1 (3)port
ar-openoffice (2)port
arj port
ark (2)port
asterisk (11)port
asterisk-bristuff port
asterisk10 (9)port
asterisk11 (18)port
asterisk13 (39)port
asterisk14 (5)port
asterisk15 (8)port
asterisk16 (32)port
asterisk18 (35)port
atheme-services port
atril port
atril-lite port
atutor (2)port
automake (2)port
avahi port
avahi-app port
avahi-autoipd port
avahi-gtk port
avahi-libdns port
avahi-qt3 port
avahi-qt4 port
avahi-sharp port
avidemux (4)port
avidemux2 (4)port
avidemux26 (5)port
awstats (8)port
awstats-devel (2)port
axel port
axis2 (3)port
b2evolution port
bacula port
bacula-web port
base port
bash (3)port
bash-static (3)port
bastillion port
bchunk (3)port
bftpd port
bidwatcher port
bind port
bind84 port
bind9 (3)port
bind9-devel (10)port
bind9-sdb-ldap (2)port
bind9-sdb-postgresql (2)port
bind910 (17)port
bind910-base (5)port
bind911 (7)port
bind912 port
bind916 (2)port
bind96 (10)port
bind96-base (4)port
bind97 (7)port
bind97-base port
bind98 (16)port
bind98-base (7)port
bind99 (25)port
bind99-base (12)port
binutils port
bip port
BitchX port
bitcoin (3)port
bitcoin-daemon port
bitlbee port
bitmessage port
bittorrent-libutp port
bld port
bmon port
bnc (2)port
bogofilter (5)port
bogofilter-qdbm port
bogofilter-sqlite (2)port
bogofilter-tc (2)port
bogofilter-tdb port
botan110 (4)port
botan2 (2)port
bouncycastle (3)port
bouncycastle15 (5)port
bro (8)port
brotli port
bsh port
bugzilla (24)port
bugzilla40 (3)port
bugzilla42 (3)port
bugzilla44 (10)port
bugzilla50 (4)port
busybox port
bzip2 (4)port
c-ares port
ca-openoffice (2)port
ca_root_nss (3)port
cabextract (4)port
cacti (28)port
calligra port
caml-light port
cassandra port
cassandra2 port
cassandra3 (3)port
cde port
cdf3 port
cdrdao port
centericq port
ceph14 (2)port
cfengine port
cfengine2 port
cfs port
cgit (2)port
cgiwrap port
charybdis port
chasen port
chasen-base port
chicken (4)port
chocolate-doom port
chromium (210)port
chromium-npapi (38)port
chromium-pulse (46)port
chrony (2)port
cinepaint port
cinny (4)port
citadel port
clamav (32)port
clamav-devel (16)port
clamav-lts (2)port
clamav-milter port
claws-mail (4)port
cliqz port
cloud-init port
codeigniter (15)port
collectd5 (2)port
compat5x-alpha port
compat5x-amd64 port
compat5x-i386 port
compat5x-sparc64 port
consul (4)port
coppermine (7)port
corkscrew port
coturn port
couchdb (5)port
couchdb2 port
courier port
courier-authlib port
courier-imap (2)port
crispy-doom port
cross-binutils port
crossfire-server port
cryptopp (2)port
cs-openoffice (2)port
cscope (5)port
ctorrent port
cups (3)port
cups-base (16)port
cups-filters (4)port
cups-lpr port
curl (45)port
cvs port
cvs+ipv6 (3)port
cyrus-imapd (7)port
cyrus-imapd23 port
cyrus-imapd24 (2)port
cyrus-imapd25 (3)port
cyrus-imapd30 (3)port
cyrus-imapd32 (2)port
cyrus-imapd34 (2)port
cyrus-imspd port
cyrus-sasl (5)port
cyrus-sasl-sql port
dante port
darkhttpd port
darktable port
DarwinStreamingServer port
davmail port
dbus (7)port
dbus-glib port
dcraw port
dcraw-m port
de-bugzilla port
de-linux-mozillafirebird (19)port
de-linux-netscape (20)port
de-netscape7 (21)port
de-openoffice (2)port
de-wordpress (41)port
dendrite (2)port
devcpu-data port
dhcpcd (3)port
dia (2)port
dia-gnome port
diablo-jdk (2)port
diablo-jdk-freebsd6 port
diablo-jre port
dillo port
dino port
dircproxy port
dircproxy-devel port
distcc port
django (2)port
django13 (2)port
dk-openoffice (2)port
dnrd port
dnscrypt-proxy port
dnsdist port
dnsmasq (7)port
dnsmasq-devel (7)port
doas port
dojo port
dokuwiki (11)port
dokuwiki-devel (4)port
dovecot (18)port
dovecot-managesieve port
dovecot-pigeonhole (2)port
dovecot2 (2)port
dpkg port
drm-current-kmod (2)port
drm-devel-kmod (2)port
drm-fbsd11.2-kmod (2)port
drm-fbsd12.0-kmod (2)port
dropbear (6)port
drupal (11)port
drupal-pubcookie port
drupal4 (6)port
drupal5 (19)port
drupal6 (20)port
drupal6-cck port
drupal6-views port
drupal7 (26)port
drupal8 (20)port
drupal9 port
dtc port
duo port
e107 port
e2fsprogs (7)port
e2fsprogs-libblkid port
e2fsprogs-nobootfsck port
e2fsprogs-roothardlinks port
ecartis (2)port
eggdrop port
eGroupWare (4)port
ejabberd (3)port
el-linux-mozillafirebird (19)port
el-openoffice (2)port
elasticsearch (7)port
elasticsearch6 port
electrum-py36 port
electrum2 port
element-web (4)port
elinks port
elm port
emacs (4)port
emacs-canna port
emacs-devel (2)port
emacs-devel-nox port
emacs-nox port
emacs-nox11 port
emacs25 port
emil port
enscript-a4 (2)port
enscript-letter (2)port
enscript-letterdj (2)port
eog port
eperl port
epiphany port
erlang port
es-openoffice (2)port
et-openoffice (2)port
eternalterminal port
ethereal (15)port
ethereal-lite (14)port
ettercap (2)port
evince (2)port
evince-lite port
evolution (2)port
evolution-data-server port
exact-image port
exim (16)port
exim-ldap (2)port
exim-ldap2 (3)port
exim-mysql (3)port
exim-postgresql (3)port
exim-sa-exim (2)port
exiv2 port
expat (8)port
expat2 (2)port
extman port
eyeOS port
ez-ipupdate port
ezbounce port
f2c port
faad2 port
fbsdmon port
fcron port
fetchmail (21)port
ffmpeg (14)port
ffmpeg-011 (3)port
ffmpeg-devel (4)port
ffmpeg0 (4)port
ffmpeg1 (5)port
ffmpeg2 (3)port
ffmpeg23 (5)port
ffmpeg24 (5)port
ffmpeg25 (5)port
ffmpeg26 (4)port
fi-openoffice (2)port
fidogate port
fidogate-ds port
file (6)port
file-roller port
finch (2)port
findutils port
firebird-server port
firebird21-server port
firebird25-server port
firefox (164)port
firefox-esr (57)port
firefox-ja (3)port
fish (2)port
flac (4)port
flac123 port
flock (5)port
flphoto port
flyspray (3)port
fontconfig port
foomatic-filters (2)port
foreman-proxy port
foswiki port
fr-cups-base port
fr-cups-lpr port
fr-linux-netscape (20)port
fr-netscape7 (21)port
fr-openoffice (2)port
fr-wordpress (12)port
fractorama (5)port
freeamp port
FreeBSD (231)port
FreeBSD-kernel (102)port
freeciv (2)port
freeciv-gtk (2)port
freeciv-gtk2 (2)port
freeciv-nox11 (2)port
freeimage (3)port
freeradius (9)port
freeradius-devel port
freeradius-mysql port
freeradius2 (2)port
freeradius3 (4)port
freerdp (3)port
freetype2 (12)port
freexl (3)port
frontpage port
froxlor port
frr port
fspd port
fsplib port
fswiki (3)port
fuser port
fwbuilder port
gaim (28)port
gallery (4)port
gallery2 (4)port
gallery3 port
ganglia-monitor-core port
ganglia-monitor-webfrontend port
ganglia-webfrontend (2)port
gatekeeper (2)port
gcab port
gcpio (2)port
gd (5)port
gdal (5)port
gdcm port
gdk-pixbuf port
gdk-pixbuf2 (4)port
gdm (2)port
gedit port
geeklog port
getmail port
gforge (2)port
gftp (2)port
ghostscript-afpl port
ghostscript-afpl-nox11 port
ghostscript-gnu port
ghostscript-gnu-nox11 port
ghostscript-gpl port
ghostscript-gpl-nox11 port
ghostscript7 port
ghostscript7-base port
ghostscript7-nox11 port
ghostscript7-x11 port
ghostscript8 (2)port
ghostscript8-base port
ghostscript8-nox11 (2)port
ghostscript8-x11 port
ghostscript9 port
ghostscript9-agpl port
ghostscript9-agpl-base (5)port
ghostscript9-agpl-nox11 port
ghostscript9-agpl-x11 (4)port
ghostscript9-base port
ghostscript9-nox11 port
ghostscript9-x11 port
giflib port
giFT-FastTrack port
gimp port
gimp-app port
git (12)port
git-gui (4)port
git-lite (6)port
git-subversion (2)port
git-tiny port
gitea (43)port
gitlab (18)port
gitlab-ce (83)port
gitolite port
gld port
global port
globus port
glpi (22)port
gnats (2)port
gnome-screensaver port
gnomevfs port
gnomevfs2 port
gnu-finger port
gnu-radius port
gnupg (16)port
gnupg1 (4)port
gnutls (22)port
gnutls-devel (7)port
gnutls3 (3)port
go (21)port
go-devel port
go117 (5)port
go118 (7)port
go119 (4)port
go14 port
gogs (2)port
golddig port
google-earth port
gpdf (6)port
gpgme port
gr-openoffice (2)port
grafana (17)port
grafana2 port
grafana3 port
grafana4 port
grafana5 port
grafana6 (5)port
grafana7 (11)port
grafana8 (19)port
grafana9 (11)port
GraphicsMagick (4)port
GraphicsMagick-nox11 port
graphite2 (3)port
graphviz port
graylog (2)port
greed port
grip port
groovy (2)port
grub2-bhyve port
gsoap port
gstreamer-ffmpeg (4)port
gstreamer-plugins-good port
gstreamer1-libav (3)port
gtar (5)port
gtetrinet port
gtk port
gtk-pixbuf2 port
gtk-vnc port
guile2 port
gzip (3)port
h2o (8)port
h2o-devel (2)port
ha port
habari port
hadoop2 (2)port
hafiye port
handbrake (5)port
hanemacs port
haproxy (4)port
haproxy18 port
haproxy19 port
haproxy21 port
hashcash (2)port
hdf5 port
hdf5-18 port
heartbeat port
heimdal (4)port
helm port
helvis (2)port
hiawatha (2)port
hiredis port
hive port
hlstats port
horde (11)port
horde-base (4)port
horde-devel port
horde-gollem port
horde-imp port
horde-php5 (8)port
hostapd (9)port
hplip port
hsftp port
htdig port
htmldoc port
hu-openoffice (2)port
hylafax (2)port
i2p port
icecast (2)port
icecast2 port
icedtea-web port
icinga port
icingaweb2 (2)port
icoutils port
icu port
id3lib port
ident2 port
ifmail port
ikiwiki (10)port
ilmbase (4)port
ilohamail port
ImageMagick (16)port
ImageMagick-nox11 (16)port
ImageMagick6 (2)port
ImageMagick6-nox11 (2)port
ImageMagick7 (8)port
ImageMagick7-nox11 (8)port
imap-uw (5)port
imlib (2)port
imlib2 (5)port
imlib2-nox11 port
imp (2)port
imwheel port
ingo port
inn (2)port
inn-stable port
inspircd (4)port
intel-nvmupdate port
iodine port
iojs port
ioquake3 port
ioquake3-devel port
iourbanterror port
iperf3 port
ipsec-tools (3)port
ipython (3)port
ircd-ratbox (2)port
ircd-ratbox-devel port
ircii port
ircservices port
irssi (11)port
irssi-devel port
isakmpd port
isc-dhcp port
isc-dhcp3 port
isc-dhcp3-client port
isc-dhcp3-devel port
isc-dhcp3-relay (2)port
isc-dhcp3-server (2)port
isc-dhcp30-client port
isc-dhcp31-client (2)port
isc-dhcp31-server port
isc-dhcp41-client (2)port
isc-dhcp41-relay port
isc-dhcp41-server (6)port
isc-dhcp42-client port
isc-dhcp42-relay port
isc-dhcp42-server (5)port
isc-dhcp43-client (2)port
isc-dhcp43-relay port
isc-dhcp43-server (2)port
isc-dhcp44-client (2)port
isc-dhcp44-relay port
isc-dhcp44-server (2)port
isc-dhcpd port
isolate port
istio port
it-openoffice (2)port
iv (5)port
ivtools (5)port
iw-pine (4)port
ja-acroread port
ja-bugzilla (7)port
ja-eb port
ja-gaim (20)port
ja-gd port
ja-groff (2)port
ja-iv (5)port
ja-kdelibs (3)port
ja-libimg (5)port
ja-linux-mozillafirebird-gtk1 (19)port
ja-linux-netscape (20)port
ja-lynx (2)port
ja-lynx-current port
ja-mailman (10)port
ja-mozillafirebird-gtk2 (19)port
ja-mutt (4)port
ja-mutt-devel port
ja-netscape-communicator-linux port
ja-netscape-navigator-linux port
ja-netscape7 (21)port
ja-openoffice (3)port
ja-postgresql (4)port
ja-ppxp port
ja-samba (11)port
ja-squirrelmail (5)port
ja-tdiary (2)port
ja-tdiary-devel (2)port
ja-trac (4)port
ja-uim (2)port
ja-w3m (3)port
ja-w3m-img (3)port
ja-wordpress (30)port
ja-xlockmore port
ja-xv port
jabber (2)port
jabberd (5)port
jakarta-tomcat (3)port
james port
jansson port
jasper (6)port
jdk (3)port
jenkins (49)port
jenkins-lts (42)port
jenkins2 port
jetty (2)port
jftpgw port
joomla (6)port
joomla15 (4)port
joomla2 (4)port
joomla3 (18)port
jp-openoffice port
jpgraph2 port
jruby port
json-c port
junkbuster port
junkbuster-zlib port
kaffeine port
kamailio (2)port
kanboard port
kde-runtime (3)port
kde-workspace port
kdebase (6)port
kdebase-runtime port
kdebase-workspace port
kdebase3 port
kdeconnect-kde port
kdeedu port
kdegraphics (7)port
kdelibs (19)port
kdelibs-nocups (2)port
kdenetwork port
kdepim port
kdepimlibs port
kdeutils port
kdewebdev port
kea (2)port
KeePassX port
keycloak port
kf5-kauth (2)port
kf5-kconfig port
kf5-kio port
kibana4 (2)port
kibana41 (2)port
kibana42 (2)port
kibana43 port
kio-extras port
knot port
knot1 port
knot2 port
ko-gaim (19)port
ko-helvis (2)port
ko-netscape-communicator-linux port
ko-netscape-navigator-linux port
ko-openoffice (2)port
ko-unzip port
kodi (5)port
koffice (6)port
koffice-kde4 port
konversation (3)port
kpopup port
kr-openoffice port
krb5 (23)port
krb5-111 (3)port
krb5-112 (4)port
krb5-113 (2)port
krb5-114 (2)port
krb5-115 port
krb5-119 port
krb5-120 port
krb5-appl port
krb5-beta port
krb5-devel (2)port
krfb (2)port
krill port
kronolith (2)port
ksh93 port
ksh93-devel port
ktorrent port
ktorrent-devel port
kubectl port
kvirc port
kvirc-devel port
kwebkitpart port
lasso port
lbreakout2 port
lcms2 port
ldapscripts port
ldb port
leafnode (5)port
ledger port
lesstif port
lftp (2)port
lha (2)port
libadplug port
libarchive (4)port
libaudiofile port
libav (7)port
libbrotli port
libbson port
libcdaudio port
libdmx port
libdwarf port
libebml port
libetpan port
libevent (2)port
libevent2 (2)port
libevhtp port
libexif (4)port
libexo port
libFS port
libgcrypt (7)port
libgd (2)port
libgit2 (4)port
libGL port
libidn (2)port
libidn2 port
libjpeg-turbo (2)port
libksba port
libmad port
libmcrypt port
libmms port
libmspack (2)port
libmusicbrainz port
libmysofa port
libnghttp2 (3)port
libntlm port
libofx port
libosip2 port
libotr (2)port
libotr3 port
libpano13 port
libpgf port
libproxy port
libproxy-gnome port
libproxy-kde port
libproxy-perl port
libproxy-webkit port
libpurple (7)port
libraw (8)port
libreoffice (4)port
libressl (15)port
libressl-devel (9)port
librsvg2 (3)port
librsvg2-rust port
librsync port
libsamplerate port
libsixel port
libsndfile (8)port
libsoup (2)port
libspf2 port
libsrtp port
libssh (7)port
libssh2 (2)port
libsxlt port
libtasn1 (3)port
libtiff port
libtomcrypt port
libtool (2)port
libtorrent port
libtorrent-rasterbar port
libtremor (3)port
libudisks port
libvirt port
libvncserver (3)port
libvorbis (6)port
libvpx (3)port
libwmf (3)port
libwww (2)port
libX11 (6)port
libxcb port
libXcursor (2)port
libXdmcp port
libXext port
libxfce4gui port
libXfixes (2)port
libXfont (7)port
libXfont2 (2)port
libXi (2)port
libxine (18)port
libXinerama port
libxml (4)port
libxml2 (17)port
libXp port
libXpm port
libXrandr (2)port
libXrender (2)port
libXres port
libxslt (2)port
libXt port
libXtst (2)port
libxul (64)port
libXv (2)port
libXvMC (2)port
libXxf86dga port
libXxf86vm port
libyaml (2)port
libzip (2)port
libzmq4 (4)port
libzrtpcpp port
lifetype port
lightning port
lighttpd (14)port
lightzone port
links port
linux-blackdown-jdk (3)port
linux-c6-devtools port
linux-c6-expat port
linux-c6-flac port
linux-c6-flashplugin (26)port
linux-c6-flashplugin11 port
linux-c6-icu port
linux-c6-libevent2 port
linux-c6-libgcrypt port
linux-c6-libsamplerate port
linux-c6-libsndfile (4)port
linux-c6-libssh2 port
linux-c6-libtiff port
linux-c6-libxml2 (4)port
linux-c6-nspr port
linux-c6-nss (7)port
linux-c6-openssl (10)port
linux-c6-tiff (5)port
linux-c6-xorg-libs (2)port
linux-c6_64-flashplugin (14)port
linux-c7-curl (2)port
linux-c7-expat port
linux-c7-flashplugin (3)port
linux-c7-graphite2 port
linux-c7-icu port
linux-c7-libevent port
linux-c7-libgcrypt port
linux-c7-libsamplerate port
linux-c7-libsndfile (4)port
linux-c7-libssh2 port
linux-c7-libtiff port
linux-c7-nettle port
linux-c7-nss (3)port
linux-c7-openssl-libs (2)port
linux-c7-tiff (2)port
linux-curl port
linux-f10-curl port
linux-f10-dbus-glib port
linux-f10-devtools port
linux-f10-expat port
linux-f10-flashplugin (60)port
linux-f10-flashplugin11 port
linux-f10-gnutls port
linux-f10-libaudiofile port
linux-f10-libgcrypt port
linux-f10-libxml2 (7)port
linux-f10-nas-libs port
linux-f10-nss (2)port
linux-f10-openldap port
linux-f10-openssl (2)port
linux-f10-pango port
linux-f10-png port
linux-f10-tiff (5)port
linux-f10-xorg-libs (2)port
linux-f8-flashplugin (8)port
linux-f8-pango port
linux-f8-tiff port
linux-firefox (136)port
linux-firefox-devel (25)port
linux-flashplayer (28)port
linux-flashplugin (20)port
linux-flashplugin6 port
linux-flashplugin7 port
linux-flock (5)port
linux-gdk-pixbuf port
linux-ibm-jdk (2)port
linux-jdk (2)port
linux-mozilla (37)port
linux-mozilla-devel (34)port
linux-mozillafirebird (20)port
linux-netscape (20)port
linux-netscape-communicator port
linux-netscape-navigator port
linux-openmotif port
linux-opera (39)port
linux-opera-devel (5)port
linux-pango port
linux-phoenix (19)port
linux-png (2)port
linux-realplayer (6)port
linux-seamonkey (107)port
linux-seamonkey-devel (12)port
linux-shoutcast port
linux-sun-jdk (5)port
linux-sun-jre (2)port
linux-thunderbird (99)port
linux-tiff (8)port
linux-unace port
linux_base (2)port
linux_base-c6 (3)port
linux_base-c6_64 port
linux_base-f10 (2)port
linux_base-suse (2)port
liveMedia (2)port
lives port
lldpd port
llpp port
logstash (6)port
logstash-forwarder port
lsh port
lshell (2)port
lukemftpd port
lxr port
lynis port
lynx (3)port
lynx-current port
lynx-ssl port
lzo2 port
m6811-binutils port
magento (2)port
mahara port
mail-notification port
mailman (22)port
mailman-exim4 (2)port
mailman-exim4-with-htdig (2)port
mailman-postfix (2)port
mailman-postfix-with-htdig (2)port
mailman-with-htdig (11)port
mambo (4)port
mantis (11)port
mantis-php56 port
mantis-php70 port
mantis-php71 (2)port
mantis-php72 (4)port
mantis-php73 (4)port
mantis-php74 (4)port
mantis-php80 (3)port
maradns (2)port
mariadb-client port
mariadb-connector-c port
mariadb-server (2)port
mariadb100-client (4)port
mariadb100-server (14)port
mariadb101-client (4)port
mariadb101-server (18)port
mariadb102-client (2)port
mariadb102-server (12)port
mariadb103-client (5)port
mariadb103-server (17)port
mariadb104-client (5)port
mariadb104-server (13)port
mariadb105-client (4)port
mariadb105-server (9)port
mariadb106-client port
mariadb106-server (2)port
mariadb55-client (5)port
mariadb55-server (19)port
mat2 port
mathopd (2)port
matomo port
maven port
mbedtls (16)port
mc (4)port
mcollective port
mcollective-puppet-agent port
mcweject port
mdbook port
mDNSResponder port
mediawiki (10)port
mediawiki123 (4)port
mediawiki124 (4)port
mediawiki125 (4)port
mediawiki126 (2)port
mediawiki127 (2)port
mediawiki128 port
mediawiki129 (2)port
mediawiki130 port
mediawiki131 (5)port
mediawiki132 (2)port
mediawiki133 (2)port
mediawiki134 port
mediawiki135 (6)port
mediawiki136 (3)port
mediawiki137 (4)port
mediawiki138 (3)port
mediawiki139 port
memcached (2)port
mencoder (7)port
mercurial (4)port
messagelib port
metamail port
mgetty+sendfax port
milter-bogom port
mingw32-libyaml port
mingw32-openssl (12)port
mini_httpd (3)port
minio (4)port
miniupnpc (2)port
mitmproxy port
mkbold-mkitalic port
mksh port
mkvtoolnix port
mnemo port
mnogosearch port
mod_access_referer port
mod_auth_mellon port
mod_dav port
mod_dav_svn (6)port
mod_dav_svn-lts port
mod_dosevasive20 port
mod_frontpage13 port
mod_frontpage20 port
mod_frontpage21 port
mod_frontpage22 port
mod_http2 port
mod_http2-devel port
mod_jk (2)port
mod_jk-ap2 (2)port
mod_pagespeed (2)port
mod_perl (2)port
mod_perl2 (2)port
mod_php (6)port
mod_php4 (11)port
mod_php4-twig (8)port
mod_php5 (10)port
mod_pubcookie port
mod_python (2)port
mod_security (3)port
mohawk port
moinmoin (13)port
mongodb34 (3)port
mongodb36 (4)port
mongodb40 (4)port
mongodb42 port
monitorix port
monkey port
mono (4)port
monotone port
moodle (2)port
moodle27 (3)port
moodle28 (7)port
moodle29 (11)port
moodle30 (8)port
moodle31 (8)port
moodle32 (3)port
moodle33 (3)port
moodle34 (3)port
moodle35 (2)port
mosquitto port
motion port
movemail port
mozilla (38)port
mozilla+ipv6 (20)port
mozilla-embedded (20)port
mozilla-firebird (19)port
mozilla-gtk (20)port
mozilla-gtk1 (31)port
mozilla-gtk2 (20)port
mozilla-thunderbird (25)port
mozjpeg port
mpack port
mpd5 (3)port
mpg123 (5)port
mpg123-esound (5)port
mpg123-nas (5)port
mplayer (20)port
mplayer-esound (13)port
mplayer-gtk (13)port
mplayer-gtk-esound (13)port
mplayer-gtk2 (11)port
mplayer-gtk2-esound (11)port
mpv port
msmtp port
MT port
mt-daapd (2)port
mule-common port
mumble (2)port
mupad port
mupdf (2)port
musicpd port
mutt (12)port
mutt-devel (2)port
mutt-devel-lite port
mutt-lite (2)port
mutt-ng port
mutt14 port
mybb (10)port
mysql-client (4)port
mysql-client57 (2)port
mysql-client80 (3)port
mysql-connector-c port
mysql-connector-c++ (4)port
mysql-connector-java (3)port
mysql-connector-java51 port
mysql-connector-odbc (3)port
mysql-scripts (2)port
mysql-server (22)port
mysql-server55 port
mysql-server56 (2)port
mysql-server57 (4)port
mysql-server80 (4)port
mysql40-client port
mysql40-server port
mysql41-client port
mysql41-server port
mysql50-client port
mysql50-server port
mysql51-client port
mysql51-server port
mysql55-client (4)port
mysql55-server (16)port
mysql56-client (7)port
mysql56-server (25)port
mysql57-client (8)port
mysql57-server (29)port
mysql80-client (5)port
mysql80-server (15)port
mythtv (7)port
mythtv-frontend (7)port
nag port
nagios (5)port
nagios-devel (2)port
nagios-plugins port
nagios2 (2)port
named (2)port
nap port
nas port
nbd-server port
nbsmtp port
ncurses port
neomutt port
neon (2)port
neon28 port
neovim (2)port
net-snmp (7)port
netatalk port
netatalk3 port
netdata port
netpbm (2)port
netqmail port
netqmail-mysql port
netqmail-tls port
netscape-communicator port
netscape-navigator port
netscape7 (24)port
nettle port
newsfetch port
newsgrab (2)port
newspost port
nextcloud (2)port
nextcloud-calendar port
nexus2-oss (3)port
nfsen (2)port
nghttp2 (5)port
nginx (16)port
nginx-devel (17)port
ngircd (2)port
nheko port
nl-openoffice (2)port
node (29)port
node-devel (3)port
node010 (2)port
node012 port
node10 (9)port
node12 (7)port
node14 (11)port
node16 (2)port
node4 (5)port
node6 (8)port
node8 (7)port
nomad port
npm port
nsd (6)port
nsd2 port
nspr (2)port
nss (14)port
nss-pam-ldapd port
ntp (13)port
ntp-devel (10)port
nut port
nvidia-driver (6)port
nvidia-driver-173 port
nvidia-driver-304 (2)port
nvidia-driver-340 port
nvidia-driver-71 port
nvidia-driver-96 port
nwclient port
oauth2-proxy port
ocaml port
oftpd port
okular port
oniguruma port
oniguruma4 port
oniguruma5 port
oniguruma6 port
oops port
oozie port
open-motif port
open-motif-devel port
openafs (6)port
openarena port
opendchub port
opendkim port
opendmarc (2)port
openexr (7)port
openfire (4)port
opengrok port
opengtl port
openh323 port
openhab port
openhab2 port
openjdk port
openjdk7 (2)port
openjdk7-jre port
openjdk8 port
openjdk8-jre port
openjpeg (5)port
openldap-sasl-server port
openldap-server (6)port
openldap24-client port
openldap24-server port
openlierox port
openoffice (4)port (2)port port port port
opensaml2 (2)port
opensearch (3)port
openslp port
opensmtpd (6)port
openssh port
openssh-portable (12)port
openssh-portable-base port
openssh-portable-gssapi (2)port
openssh-portable-hpn (2)port
openssl (54)port
openssl-beta (2)port
openssl-beta-overwrite-base port
openssl-devel (22)port
openssl-overwrite-base port
openssl-quictls (4)port
openssl111 (3)port
openttd (8)port
openvpn (16)port
openvpn-devel (2)port
openvpn-mbedtls (6)port
openvpn-polarssl (4)port
openvpn23 port
openvpn23-polarssl port
openvswitch port
openwebmail port
openx (5)port
openzfs-kmod port
opera (42)port
opera-devel (29)port
optipng (4)port
opus-tools port
osc port
ossec-hids-client (2)port
ossec-hids-local (2)port
ossec-hids-server (2)port
otrs (21)port
owncloud (2)port
owncloudclient port
p11-kit port
p5-Archive-Zip port
p5-Config-IniFiles port
p5-Crypt-OpenPGP port
p5-Dancer port
p5-DBI port
p5-DBI-137 port
p5-Email-Address-List (2)port
p5-File-Path port
p5-HTML-Parser port
p5-HTML-Scrubber port
p5-Image-ExifTool (2)port
p5-Imager port
p5-libwww port
p5-Mail-SpamAssassin (4)port
p5-Mojolicious port
p5-Net-DNS port
p5-PathTools port
p5-RT-Authen-ExternalAuth (2)port
p5-subversion port
p5-Template-Toolkit port
p5-UI-Dialog port
p5-XSLoader port
p7zip (6)port
p7zip-codec-rar port
palemoon (2)port
pam_ldap port
pam_smb port
pango (3)port
paraview (5)port
password-store port
patch port
pavuk port
payara (6)port
pcal port
pcre (10)port
pcre-utf8 (2)port
pcre2 port
pcsc-lite port
pdfjam port
pdflib (5)port
pdflib-perl (5)port
pdftohtml (3)port
pear-Horde_Core port
pear-Horde_Image (2)port
pear-Net_Ping port
pear-Net_Traceroute port
pear-PEAR port
pear-twig-twig port
pear-XML_RPC (3)port
pecl-phar port
peercast (2)port
percona-server (2)port
percona55-client (3)port
percona55-server (17)port
percona56-client (3)port
percona56-server (16)port
percona57-client port
percona57-server (13)port
perdition port
perl (10)port
perl-threaded (4)port
perl5 (7)port
perl5-devel (3)port
perl5.12 port
perl5.14 port
perl5.16 port
perl5.18 (3)port
perl5.20 (4)port
perl5.22 (4)port
perl5.24 (2)port
pg_partman port
pgbouncer (2)port
pglogical port
pgp port
phoenix (19)port
php-suhosin port
php4 (14)port
php4-cgi (11)port
php4-cli (10)port
php4-dba port
php4-dtc (10)port
php4-gd port
php4-horde (10)port
php4-mbstring port
php4-nms (10)port
php4-odbc (2)port
php4-session (2)port
php4-shmop (2)port
php4-wddx (2)port
php5 (45)port
php5-cgi (10)port
php5-cli (9)port
php5-dba port
php5-dom port
php5-dtc (5)port
php5-exif (2)port
php5-filter port
php5-ftp port
php5-gd (3)port
php5-horde (5)port
php5-imap (3)port
php5-mbstring port
php5-mysql port
php5-mysqli port
php5-nms (5)port
php5-odbc (2)port
php5-openssl port
php5-pgsql port
php5-phar (3)port
php5-session (2)port
php5-shmop (2)port
php5-soap (2)port
php5-sockets port
php5-sqlite (3)port
php5-sqlite3 port
php5-wddx (2)port
php5-xsl port
php5-zip (2)port
php52 (11)port
php52-exif port
php52-filter port
php52-imap port
php52-sqlite port
php52-zip port
php53 (14)port
php53-sqlite port
php54 port
php55 (16)port
php55-bcmath port
php55-bz2 port
php55-dom port
php55-exif (2)port
php55-fileinfo port
php55-ftp port
php55-gd (6)port
php55-mbstring (2)port
php55-mysql port
php55-mysqli port
php55-odbc port
php55-openssl port
php55-pgsql port
php55-phar (7)port
php55-snmp (2)port
php55-soap (2)port
php55-sqlite3 port
php55-wddx (4)port
php55-xml port
php55-xmlrpc (2)port
php55-xsl port
php55-zip (2)port
php56 (19)port
php56-bcmath port
php56-bz2 port
php56-dom port
php56-exif (2)port
php56-fileinfo port
php56-ftp port
php56-gd (7)port
php56-imap port
php56-mbstring (3)port
php56-mysql port
php56-mysqli port
php56-odbc port
php56-openssl port
php56-phar (7)port
php56-psql port
php56-snmp (2)port
php56-soap (3)port
php56-sqlite3 port
php56-wddx (4)port
php56-xml port
php56-xmlrpc (2)port
php56-xsl port
php56-zip (2)port
php70 (11)port
php70-bcmath port
php70-bz2 port
php70-curl port
php70-exif (2)port
php70-fileinfo port
php70-gd (6)port
php70-imap port
php70-intl port
php70-mbstring (3)port
php70-mcrypt port
php70-odbc port
php70-phar (2)port
php70-snmp (2)port
php70-soap port
php70-wddx port
php70-xml port
php70-xmlrpc port
php70-zip (2)port
php71 (2)port
php71-exif port
php71-gd port
php71-imap port
php71-mbstring port
php72 (2)port
php72-exif port
php72-imap port
php73 (2)port
php73-exif port
php73-imap port
php74 (2)port
php74-composer port
php74-composer2 port
php80-composer port
php80-composer2 port
php81-composer port
php81-composer2 port
phpAdsNew port
phpbb (12)port
phpbb3 port
phpgroupware port
phpicalendar (2)port
phpldapadmin port
phpldapadmin098 port
phplist (2)port
phpmailer (6)port
phpmailer6 port
phpmustache port
phpmyadmin (103)port
phpMyAdmin-php56 (4)port
phpMyAdmin-php70 (4)port
phpMyAdmin-php71 (4)port
phpMyAdmin-php72 (6)port
phpMyAdmin-php73 (2)port
phpMyAdmin-php74 (2)port
phpMyAdmin211 (7)port
phpMyAdmin35 port
phpMyAdmin5 (2)port
phpMyAdmin5-php72 (2)port
phpMyAdmin5-php73 (2)port
phpMyAdmin5-php74 (2)port
phpmyfaq (14)port
phpnuke (2)port
phppgadmin (3)port
phpSysInfo (3)port
phpwebftp port
picasm port
pidgin (4)port
pidgin-otr (2)port
pine (4)port
pine4-ssl port
pitivi port
pivot-weblog port
pivotx (5)port
piwigo (2)port
piwik (9)port
pixman port
pjsip (5)port
pjsip-extsrtp (4)port
pkg (2)port
pkg-devel (2)port
pl-ekg (2)port
pl-openoffice (2)port
plans port
plasma5-kwallet-pam port
plexhometheater (3)port
plexmediaserver port
plexmediaserver-plexpass port
plib (3)port
pligg (2)port
plone (7)port
plone3 port
png (10)port
pngcheck port
pngcrush port
polarssl (7)port
polarssl13 (8)port
polkit (3)port
pop3proxy port
popfile port
poppler (5)port
portaudit port
portupgrade port
portupgrade-devel port
postfix (2)port
postfix-base (2)port
postfix-current (2)port
postfix-current-base (2)port
postfix-policyd-weight port
postfixadmin (2)port
postgresql (6)port
postgresql-client (2)port
postgresql-contrib port
postgresql-devel port
postgresql-server (12)port
postgresql10-server (12)port
postgresql11-server (10)port
postgresql12-server (6)port
postgresql13-server (5)port
postgresql14-server (2)port
postgresql7-client port
postgresql7-server port
postgresql71-client port
postgresql71-server port
postgresql72-client port
postgresql72-server port
postgresql73-client port
postgresql73-server port
postgresql74-client port
postgresql74-server port
postgresql80-client port
postgresql80-server port
postgresql81-client port
postgresql81-server port
postgresql82-client port
postgresql82-server port
postgresql83-client port
postgresql83-server port
postgresql84-client port
postgresql84-server port
postgresql90-client port
postgresql90-server (4)port
postgresql91-server (5)port
postgresql92-client port
postgresql92-server (8)port
postgresql93-client port
postgresql93-server (12)port
postgresql94-client port
postgresql94-server (13)port
postgresql95-client port
postgresql95-contrib port
postgresql95-server (12)port
postgresql96-client port
postgresql96-server (12)port
postnuke (4)port
postsrsd port
potrace port
pound port
poweradmin port
powerdns (15)port
powerdns-devel port
powerdns-recursor (14)port
powerdns-recursor40 port
ppsspp port
ppsspp-devel port
ppxp port
privoxy (4)port
procmail port
proftpd (13)port
proftpd-devel (3)port
proftpd-mysql (6)port
prometheus2 port
prosody (5)port
proxychains-ng port
proxytunnel port
prozilla port
pspp port
pt-openoffice (2)port
pt_BR-netscape7 (21)port
pt_BR-openoffice (2)port
pubcookie-login-server (2)port
punbb port
puppet (6)port
puppet26 port
puppet27 port
puppet6 (3)port
puppet7 (2)port
puppetdb5 (2)port
puppetdb6 (3)port
puppetdb7 (2)port
puppetserver port
puppetserver5 (2)port
puppetserver6 (3)port
puppetserver7 port
pure-ftpd port
putty (11)port
putty-gtk2 (3)port
putty-nogtk (3)port
pwlib port
py-asyncssh port
py-django port
py-django-cms port
py-django18 port
py-django19 port
py-libcloud port
py-pycrypto (2)port
py-pygit2 port
py-subversion port
py-urllib3 port
py23-django (7)port
py23-django-devel (7)port
py24-django (7)port
py24-django-devel (7)port
py24-pylons port
py25-django (7)port
py25-django-devel (7)port
py26-django (10)port
py26-django-devel (9)port
py26-django14 port
py26-django15 port
py26-graphite-web port
py26-pycrypto port
py27-amf port
py27-bleach (3)port
py27-buildbot (2)port
py27-cryptography (2)port
py27-django (20)port
py27-django-devel (16)port
py27-django110 (3)port
py27-django111 (8)port
py27-django14 (3)port
py27-django15 (2)port
py27-django16 port
py27-django17 (2)port
py27-django18 (4)port
py27-django19 (4)port
py27-django20 port
py27-django21 port
py27-django22 port
py27-djblets port
py27-dulwich port
py27-ecdsa port
py27-foolscap port
py27-graphite-web port
py27-gunicorn port
py27-imaging (2)port
py27-matrix-synapse (2)port
py27-notebook (3)port
py27-pillow (7)port
py27-pycrypto port
py27-pygments port
py27-radicale port
py27-requests port
py27-rsa port
py27-salt (10)port
py27-supervisor port
py27-twisted port
py27-urllib3 port
py27-yaml (2)port
py30-django (5)port
py30-django-devel (5)port
py31-django (6)port
py31-django-devel (5)port
py31-django14 port
py31-django15 port
py31-graphite-web port
py31-pycrypto port
py310-ansible port
py310-ansible-base port
py310-ansible-core port
py310-ansible2 port
py310-django22 port
py310-django32 (4)port
py310-django40 (4)port
py310-django41 port
py310-fail2ban port
py310-ipython port
py310-matrix-synapse (3)port
py310-numpy port
py310-pyrad port
py310-tuf port
py310-twisted port
py311-ipython port
py311-matrix-synapse port
py311-tuf port
py32-amf port
py32-django (11)port
py32-django-devel (8)port
py32-django14 (2)port
py32-django15 (2)port
py32-django17 (2)port
py32-django18 (2)port
py32-django19 port
py32-djblets port
py32-foolscap port
py32-graphite-web port
py32-pycrypto port
py32-pygments port
py32-radicale port
py32-rsa port
py32-salt (7)port
py33-amf port
py33-cryptography port
py33-django (13)port
py33-django-devel (9)port
py33-django110 (2)port
py33-django14 (2)port
py33-django15 (2)port
py33-django16 port
py33-django17 (2)port
py33-django18 (4)port
py33-django19 (4)port
py33-djblets port
py33-foolscap port
py33-graphite-web port
py33-pillow (5)port
py33-pycrypto port
py33-pygments port
py33-radicale port
py33-rsa port
py33-salt (7)port
py34-amf port
py34-borgbackup port
py34-cryptography (2)port
py34-diffoscope port
py34-django (13)port
py34-django-devel (9)port
py34-django110 (3)port
py34-django111 (2)port
py34-django14 (2)port
py34-django15 (2)port
py34-django16 port
py34-django17 (2)port
py34-django18 (4)port
py34-django19 (4)port
py34-django20 port
py34-django21 port
py34-djblets port
py34-foolscap port
py34-notebook port
py34-pillow (5)port
py34-pygments port
py34-radicale port
py34-rsa port
py34-salt (7)port
py35-bleach (2)port
py35-borgbackup port
py35-buildbot (2)port
py35-cryptography (2)port
py35-diffoscope port
py35-django (3)port
py35-django-devel (2)port
py35-django110 (3)port
py35-django111 (8)port
py35-django16 port
py35-django18 (3)port
py35-django19 (4)port
py35-django20 (2)port
py35-django21 (6)port
py35-django22 (7)port
py35-djblets port
py35-gunicorn port
py35-matrix-synapse (6)port
py35-notebook (3)port
py35-pillow (7)port
py35-pygments port
py35-requests port
py35-rsa port
py35-salt (7)port
py35-slixmpp port
py35-twisted port
py35-urllib3 port
py35-wagtail (2)port
py35-yaml (2)port
py36-aiohttp port
py36-ansible (3)port
py36-ansible-base (2)port
py36-ansible-core (2)port
py36-ansible2 (2)port
py36-ansible27 port
py36-ansible28 port
py36-bleach (3)port
py36-borgbackup port
py36-buildbot (2)port
py36-cairosvg port
py36-cryptography port
py36-diffoscope port
py36-django port
py36-django110 (2)port
py36-django111 (8)port
py36-django18 port
py36-django19 port
py36-django20 (2)port
py36-django21 (6)port
py36-django22 (9)port
py36-django30 (4)port
py36-django31 (2)port
py36-django32 port
py36-fail2ban port
py36-gunicorn port
py36-matrix-synapse (13)port
py36-notebook (3)port
py36-pillow (2)port
py36-pyrad port
py36-pysaml2 port
py36-requests port
py36-salt (7)port
py36-salt-2019 port
py36-slixmpp port
py36-twisted port
py36-urllib3 port
py36-wagtail (3)port
py36-yaml (3)port
py37-aiohttp port
py37-ansible (3)port
py37-ansible-base (2)port
py37-ansible-core (2)port
py37-ansible2 (2)port
py37-ansible27 port
py37-ansible28 port
py37-bleach (2)port
py37-buildbot (2)port
py37-cairosvg port
py37-cryptography port
py37-django111 (6)port
py37-django20 port
py37-django21 (6)port
py37-django22 (11)port
py37-django30 (4)port
py37-django31 (2)port
py37-django32 (5)port
py37-django40 port
py37-ecdsa port
py37-fail2ban port
py37-gunicorn port
py37-ipython port
py37-matrix-synapse (14)port
py37-notebook (3)port
py37-pillow (2)port
py37-pyrad port
py37-pysaml2 port
py37-requests port
py37-salt (5)port
py37-salt-2019 port
py37-slixmpp port
py37-tuf port
py37-twisted (2)port
py37-urllib3 port
py37-viewvc-devel port
py37-wagtail (3)port
py37-yaml (3)port
py38-aiohttp port
py38-ansible (3)port
py38-ansible-base (2)port
py38-ansible-core (2)port
py38-ansible2 (2)port
py38-ansible27 port
py38-ansible28 port
py38-bleach (2)port
py38-cairosvg port
py38-django111 (2)port
py38-django21 port
py38-django22 (8)port
py38-django30 (4)port
py38-django31 (2)port
py38-django32 (6)port
py38-django40 (5)port
py38-django41 port
py38-fail2ban port
py38-ipython port
py38-matrix-synapse (8)port
py38-notebook port
py38-numpy port
py38-pillow (3)port
py38-pyrad port
py38-pysaml2 port
py38-salt (4)port
py38-salt-2019 port
py38-tuf port
py38-twisted (2)port
py38-urllib3 port
py38-viewvc-devel port
py38-wagtail (3)port
py38-yaml (2)port
py39-aiohttp port
py39-ansible (3)port
py39-ansible-base (2)port
py39-ansible-core (2)port
py39-ansible2 (2)port
py39-ansible27 port
py39-ansible28 port
py39-cairosvg port
py39-django22 (3)port
py39-django31 port
py39-django32 (6)port
py39-django40 (5)port
py39-django41 port
py39-fail2ban port
py39-ipython port
py39-matrix-synapse (6)port
py39-notebook port
py39-numpy port
py39-pyrad port
py39-pysaml2 port
py39-salt port
py39-tuf port
py39-twisted port
py39-viewvc-devel port
py39-yaml port
pyblosxom port
pypy port
python (2)port
python+ipv6 (2)port
python15 port
python20 port
python21 port
python22 port
python23 (3)port
python24 (4)port
python25 (4)port
python26 (2)port
python27 (10)port
python30 port
python31 (3)port
python310 (3)port
python311 port
python32 (3)port
python33 (4)port
python34 (4)port
python35 (8)port
python36 (6)port
python37 (11)port
python38 (10)port
python39 (6)port
qemu (30)port
qemu-devel (30)port
qemu-sbruno (25)port
qemu-user-static (22)port
qpopper (2)port
qt (2)port
qt-copy port
qt4-gui (2)port
qt4-imageformats (2)port
qt4-xml port
qt5-core port
qt5-gui (3)port
quagga (9)port
quagga-re (2)port
quake2forge port
quake2lnx port
quassel (5)port
quassel-core port
qutebrowser (2)port
rabbitmq (4)port
rabbitmq-c port
rabbitmq-c-devel port
racoon (7)port
radare2 port
rainloop-community-php74 port
rainloop-community-php80 port
rainloop-community-php81 port
rainloop-php74 port
rainloop-php80 port
rainloop-php81 port
raptor port
raptor2 (3)port
rar port
rawstudio port
razor-agents port
rdesktop port
re2c port
redis (12)port
redis-devel (9)port
redis5 (3)port
redis6 (2)port
redis62 (2)port
redmine (13)port
rekonq port
remind port
ricochet port
rinetd port
ripmime port
rkhunter port
rockdodger port
roundcube (13)port
roundcube-thunderbird_labels port
routinator (2)port
rpm4 (2)port
rsnapshot port
rssh (7)port
rsync (8)port
rsyslog (2)port
rsyslog8 port
rt port
rt36 port
rt38 (4)port
rt40 (5)port
rt42 (6)port
rt44 (2)port
ru-apache (6)port
ru-apache+mod_ssl (9)port
ru-apache-1.3 port
ru-bogofilter port
ru-bugzilla port
ru-gaim (20)port
ru-linux-mozillafirebird (19)port
ru-openoffice (2)port
ru-wordpress (29)port
ruby (40)port
ruby+nopthreads port
ruby+nopthreads+oniguruma port
ruby+oniguruma (9)port
ruby+pthreads (8)port
ruby+pthreads+oniguruma (8)port
ruby-1.7.0 port
ruby18 port
ruby19 (3)port
ruby19-gems (2)port
ruby20 (2)port
ruby20-gems (3)port
ruby21 port
ruby21-gems port
ruby22 port
ruby22-gems (3)port
ruby23-gems (3)port
ruby24-gems (3)port
ruby25-gems port
ruby26 (3)port
ruby27 (5)port
ruby30 (7)port
ruby31 (3)port
ruby32 (3)port
ruby_r port
ruby_static (7)port
rubygem-actionmailer port
rubygem-actionpack (7)port
rubygem-actionpack4 (3)port
rubygem-actionpack52 (3)port
rubygem-actionpack60 (6)port
rubygem-actionpack61 (3)port
rubygem-actionpack70 port
rubygem-actionview (3)port
rubygem-actionview4 (2)port
rubygem-actionview5 port
rubygem-actionview50 port
rubygem-actionview52 (3)port
rubygem-actionview60 (3)port
rubygem-actionview61 port
rubygem-actionview70 port
rubygem-activejob4 port
rubygem-activejob5 port
rubygem-activejob50 port
rubygem-activemodel (2)port
rubygem-activemodel4 port
rubygem-activerecord (4)port
rubygem-activerecord4 (2)port
rubygem-activerecord52 port
rubygem-activerecord60 port
rubygem-activerecord61 port
rubygem-activeresource port
rubygem-activestorage52 port
rubygem-activestorage60 port
rubygem-activesupport (6)port
rubygem-activesupport4 (2)port
rubygem-activesupport52 port
rubygem-activesupport60 port
rubygem-bson port
rubygem-carrierwave port
rubygem-cgi (3)port
rubygem-date port
rubygem-doorkeeper port
rubygem-doorkeeper-rails5 port
rubygem-doorkeeper-rails50 port
rubygem-doorkeeper43 port
rubygem-dragonfly port
rubygem-geminabox (2)port
rubygem-jquery-rails port
rubygem-jquery-rails4 port
rubygem-json port
rubygem-kaminari-core port
rubygem-kramdown port
rubygem-loofah (3)port
rubygem-mail (2)port
rubygem-nokogiri (2)port
rubygem-nokogiri18 port
rubygem-paperclip port
rubygem-passenger (3)port
rubygem-rack (4)port
rubygem-rack15 port
rubygem-rack16 (3)port
rubygem-rack22 port
rubygem-rails (13)port
rubygem-rails-html-sanitizer (2)port
rubygem-rails4 (3)port
rubygem-railties port
rubygem-rdoc (2)port
rubygem-redcarpet port
rubygem-rest-client (2)port
rubygem-rexml port
rubygem-ruby-saml port
rubygem-sanitize port
rubygem-sinatra port
rubygem-smart_proxy_dynflow port
rubygem-web-console port
rubygem-websocket-extensions port
rubygem18-activemodel port
rubygem18-dragonfly port
rubygem18-json port
rubygem18-json_pure port
rubygem18-rack port
rubygem18-rdoc port
rubygem18-ruby_parser port
rubygem19-activemodel port
rubygem19-dragonfly port
rubygem19-json port
rubygem19-json_pure port
rubygem19-rack port
rubygem19-rdoc port
rubygem19-ruby_parser port
rubygem20-dragonfly port
rubygem20-ruby_parser port
rust (2)port
rust-nightly port
rxvt-unicode (3)port
sam2p port
samba (15)port
samba3 (4)port
samba32-devel port
samba34 (8)port
samba35 (8)port
samba36 (12)port
samba4 (14)port
samba41 (13)port
samba410 (9)port
samba411 (8)port
samba412 (8)port
samba413 (7)port
samba414 (4)port
samba415 (2)port
samba416 port
samba42 (7)port
samba43 (7)port
samba44 (7)port
samba45 (5)port
samba46 (7)port
samba47 (4)port
samba48 (5)port
samba49 (2)port
sane-backends port
scponly (2)port
screen (2)port
sddm port
sdl2_image port
sdl_image port
se-openoffice (2)port
seamonkey (108)port
seatd (2)port
sendmail port
serendipity (4)port
serendipity-devel port
serf port
serviio port
setiathome port
sge port
sgeee port
shadowsocks-libev port
sharutils (2)port
shibboleth-sp (3)port
shibboleth2-sp port
shotwell (2)port
shoutcast port
shtool port
shutter port
sieve-connect port
silc-client (2)port
silc-irssi-client (2)port
silc-server port
silc-toolkit port
silgraphite port
sircd (2)port
sitecopy (2)port
sk-openoffice (2)port
skype port
sl-openoffice-SI (2)port
sl-openoffice-SL port
slim (2)port
slurm-wlm (2)port
smarty3 port
smbftpd port
snmptt port
snort (2)port
socat (5)port
sogo port
sogo-activesync port
sogo2 port
sogo2-activesync port
sox (3)port
spamass-milter port
spamassassin (5)port
spamdyke (3)port
sql-ledger (2)port
sqlite3 (6)port
squashfs-tools port
squid (44)port
squid-devel (3)port
squid32 (2)port
squid33 (2)port
squidclamav (2)port
squidGuard port
squirrelmail (12)port
squirrelmail-multilogin-plugin port
sqwebmail port
ssh2 port
ssh2-nox11 port
SSLtelnet port
streamripper port
strongswan (12)port
stunnel (2)port
subversion (23)port
subversion-freebsd (4)port
subversion-lts port
subversion-perl port
subversion-python port
subversion-static port
subversion16 (4)port
subversion17 (5)port
subversion18 (4)port
sudo (22)port
sudoscript port
sudosh2 port
sudosh3 port
sugarcrm port
sup port
suphp (2)port
surf port
suricata (2)port
swfdec port
sylpheed (2)port
sylpheed-claws (3)port
sylpheed-gtk2 (2)port
sylpheed2 port
sympa (8)port
syncthing port
syslog-ng port
syslog-ng2 port
taglib port
tailscale port
tarsnap (2)port
tauthon port
tcpdump (5)port
tcpreplay port
tcpslice port
tdiary (2)port
tdiary-devel (2)port
teamspeak3-server port
teamspeak_server port
teeworlds (2)port
telepathy-gabble port
testdisk port
teTeX-base (3)port
tethereal (15)port
tethereal-lite (14)port
th_TW-wordpress port
thttpd port
thunderbird (116)port
tidy-devel port
tidy-html5 port
tidy-lib port
tidy4 port
tiff (14)port
tikiwik port
tikiwiki port
timidity++ port
timidity++-emacs port
timidity++-gtk port
timidity++-motif port
timidity++-slang port
timidity++-tcltk port
timidity++-xaw port
timidity++-xskin port
tin port
tinc (2)port
tinc-devel port
tinyproxy port
tk port
tk-threads port
tkdiff port
tla port
tmux port
tnftp port
tnftpd (2)port
tomcat (24)port
tomcat-devel (4)port
tomcat10 (5)port
tomcat101 port
tomcat41 port
tomcat55 port
tomcat7 (14)port
tomcat8 (8)port
tomcat85 (7)port
tomcat9 (7)port
tor (14)port
tor-devel (9)port
torcs (2)port
torrentflux port
toxcore port
tptest port
tr-openoffice (2)port
trac (6)port
traefik (3)port
trafficserver (3)port
transmission-cli port
transmission-daemon port
transmission-deamon port
transmission-gtk port
transmission-qt4 port
trojita port
trousers port
tshark (16)port
tshark-lite (16)port
tt-rss (4)port
turba port
turnserver (2)port
twiki (5)port
typespeed port
typo3 (13)port
typo3-10-php72 (2)port
typo3-10-php73 (2)port
typo3-10-php74 (3)port
typo3-11-php74 port
typo3-11-php80 port
typo3-11-php81 (2)port
typo3-12-php81 port
typo3-7 port
typo3-8 (3)port
typo3-8-php71 (2)port
typo3-8-php72 (2)port
typo3-8-php73 (2)port
typo3-9 (2)port
typo3-9-php71 (2)port
typo3-9-php72 (4)port
typo3-9-php73 (4)port
typo3-9-php74 (2)port
typo3-lts (2)port
ufraw port
uk-gd port
unace port
unarj (2)port
unbound (10)port
ungoogled-chromium (10)port
unifi2 port
unifi3 port
unit port
unrar port
Unreal port
unrtf port
unzip (5)port
unzoo port
up-imapproxy port
upnp (4)port
upp port
urban port
uriparser (3)port
usermin (3)port
uudeview port
uulib port
uwsgi port
v8 (2)port
v8-devel port
varnish (2)port
varnish4 (3)port
varnish5 (2)port
varnish6 (4)port
varnish7 (3)port
vault (2)port
verlihub port
viewcvs port
viewvc port
vim (7)port
vim+ruby (2)port
vim-console (7)port
vim-gnome port
vim-gtk2 port
vim-lite (6)port
vim-ruby (2)port
vim-tiny port
vim6 (3)port
vim6+ruby port
vim6-ruby (2)port
vinagre port
vips port
virtualbox port
virtualbox-ose (5)port
vlc (17)port
vlc-devel (2)port
vlc-qt4 (3)port
vnc port
vorbis-tools (2)port
vte port
vtiger port
w3m (3)port
w3m-img (3)port
w3m-m17n port
w3m-m17n-img port
waterfox (21)port
wavpack (3)port
wayland port
WebCalendar (5)port
WebCalendar-devel (2)port
webkit-gtk2 (8)port
webkit-gtk3 (3)port
webkit2-gtk3 (12)port
webmin (6)port
websvn (3)port
webtrees port
weechat (7)port
weechat-devel (2)port
weex port
wemux port
wesnoth (3)port
wesnoth-devel port
wget (9)port
wget+ipv6 port
wget-devel (2)port
wgetpro port
win32-codecs port
wine port
wireshark (25)port
wireshark-lite (23)port
wireshark-qt5 (10)port
wolfssl (3)port
wordpress (50)port
wordpress-mu (5)port
wpa_supplicant (12)port
wu-ftpd (2)port
wu-ftpd+ipv6 (2)port
wv port
wv2 port
wzdftpd port
x11vnc port
x86_64-pc-mingw32-binutils port
xapian-omega port
xboing port
xchat2 port
xdelta3 port
xdeview port
xdm port
xemacs port
xemacs-devel port
xemacs-devel-21.5 port
xemacs-devel-mule port
xemacs-mule port
xen-kernel (41)port
xen-tools (28)port
xephyr (6)port
xerces-c2 port
xerces-c3 (4)port
xf86-video-openchrome port
xfce4-panel port
xfce4-tumbler port
XFree86-libraries port
XFree86-Server (2)port
xfs port
xine (2)port
xinetd (2)port
xli (4)port
xloadimage (3)port
xlockmore port
xmltooling (3)port
xmms port
xorg-clients port
xorg-dmx (5)port
xorg-libraries port
xorg-nestserver (6)port
xorg-server (17)port
xorg-vfbserver (6)port
xpcd port
xpdf (9)port
xpdf3 port
xpdf4 port
xpm port
xrdb port
xrdp (3)port
xrdp-devel (2)port
xscreensaver port
xscreensaver-gnome port
xscreensaver-gnome-hacks port
xshisen port
xterm port
xtrlock (2)port
xv (2)port
xv-m17n port
xview port
xwayland (7)port
xwayland-devel (2)port
xymon-server (3)port
xzgv (2)port
yahoo-ui (2)port
yamt (2)port
yii port
zabbix port
zabbix-agent port
zabbix-frontend port
zabbix2-agent port
zabbix2-proxy port
zabbix2-server port
zabbix22-proxy port
zabbix22-server port
zabbix3-proxy (2)port
zabbix3-server (2)port
zabbix32-proxy port
zabbix32-server port
zathura-pdf-mupdf port
zebra port
zeek (17)port
ZendFramework (5)port
ZendFramework1 port
zenphoto (2)port
zgv (2)port
zh-cce port
zh-chitex port
zh-cle_base port
zh-emacs port
zh-irssi (2)port
zh-mutt (2)port
zh-mutt-devel port
zh-openoffice port
zh-openoffice-CN (2)port
zh-openoffice-TW (2)port
zh-phpbb-tw (2)port
zh-pine (4)port
zh-tin port
zh-unrar port
zh-unzip port
zh-wordpress (7)port
zh-wordpress-zh_CN (22)port
zh-wordpress-zh_TW (22)port
zh-xemacs port
zh-xemacs-mule port
zh-zhcon port
zh_CN-wordpress (9)port
zh_TW-openoffice port
zh_TW-wordpress (8)port
zhCN-linux-mozillafirebird (19)port
zhcon port
zhTW-linux-mozillafirebird (19)port
zinf port
zip port
ziproxy (3)port
znc (5)port
zoo port
zookeeper port
zope (4)port
zsh port
zsync port
zydis port
zziplib port

Number of packages: 11386

Number of vulns : 5107