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VuXML IDDescription
238ae7de-dba2-11e8-b713-b499baebfeafOpenSSL -- Multiple vulnerabilities in 1.1 branch

The OpenSSL project reports:

Timing vulnerability in ECDSA signature generation (CVE-2018-0735): The OpenSSL ECDSA signature algorithm has been shown to be vulnerable to a timing side channel attack. An attacker could use variations in the signing algorithm to recover the private key (Low).

Timing vulnerability in DSA signature generation (CVE-2018-0734): Avoid a timing attack that leaks information via a side channel that triggers when a BN is resized. Increasing the size of the BNs prior to doing anything with them suppresses the attack (Low).

Discovery 2018-10-29
Entry 2018-10-29
Modified 2018-11-10
lt 1.1.0i_1

lt 1.1.1_2

ge 2.8.0 lt 2.8.3

ge 2.8.0 lt 2.8.3
9e0c6f7a-d46d-11e9-a1c7-b499baebfeafOpenSSL -- Multiple vulnerabilities

The OpenSSL project reports:

ECDSA remote timing attack (CVE-2019-1547) [Low]

Fork Protection (CVE-2019-1549) [Low]

(OpenSSL 1.1.1 only)

Discovery 2019-09-10
Entry 2019-09-11
lt 1.0.2t,1

lt 1.1.1d
e56f2f7c-410e-11e9-b95c-b499baebfeafOpenSSL -- ChaCha20-Poly1305 nonce vulnerability

The OpenSSL project reports:

Low: ChaCha20-Poly1305 with long nonces (CVE-2019-1543)

ChaCha20-Poly1305 is an AEAD cipher, and requires a unique nonce input for every encryption operation. RFC 7539 specifies that the nonce value (IV) should be 96 bits (12 bytes). OpenSSL allows a variable nonce length and front pads the nonce with 0 bytes if it is less than 12 bytes. However it also incorrectly allows a nonce to be set of up to 16 bytes. In this case only the last 12 bytes are significant and any additional leading bytes are ignored.

Discovery 2019-03-06
Entry 2019-03-07
lt 1.1.1b_1