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non port: cad/pcb/files/patch-configure

Number of commits found: 2

Monday, 10 Jul 2006
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Update to 20060414.  Changes include:

** 20060414

- This is the first snapshot of the new HID version of PCB.  HID, which
  stands for Human Interface Device is the abstraction created by
  DJ Delorie which seperates the core PCB code from the graphical user
  interface.  In this release, two GUI HID's are supported, gtk and lesstif.
  In addition, there are HID exporters for postscript and encapsulated
  postscript, RS-274-X (gerber), bill of materials, centroid file, and
  png/gif/jpeg.  This represents a major restructuring of the code and
  many months of work.

- PCB's actions (the commands which drive the core of the program and
  may be directly accessed by the user) now have the documentation in-line
  in the code and the actions reference section of the manual is
  extracted from the in-line documentation.  The goal it to provide more
  complete and accurate documentation.  As always the manual is still
  a work in progress but it is getting more complete and up to date.

- Fixed a long standing segfault when saving connection data

- Fixed a DRC bug

- Fix some rounding issues when setting sizes.  Hopefully this will address
  the issue with 23.99 mil drills and related problems.

- The html manual is now in one file instead of many files

- The lesstif HID now supports loading of background images to help
  recover a layout which may exist in hardcopy form only.

** 20060321

- Add internal support for more than 8 layers.  By default PCB is still
  compiled for 8 copper layers.
- Fixed several minor bugs in the GTK user interface including fixing
  scrolling of the log window, fixed up some of the DRC reporting
  and mm/mil units.
- Fixed several key bindings.
- Updated refcard.tex to reflect the current set of key bindings.
- Fixed some minor bugs which caused compilation problems on some
- Converted the QFN footprints to hi-res.
- Added documentation to the manual for the centroid file format and
  the algorithm used for finding the centroid and rotation.
- Fixed a bug so that the initial layer named 'component' is actually
  on the component side of the board and 'solder' is actually on the
  solder side of the board.
- Fixed the pin order in the bourns trim pots (~bourns library)
- Added actions and a script to allow command line printing.
- Added IPC-7351 recommended footprints for 0201, 0402, etc passives.
- Fixed SME5 package.
- Fixed a bug which prevented disabling nets from the ratsnest
- Fixed a bug where clearances could be set 1 below the spacing
- Fixed clearline flag so that arcs also have this property.
- Speed up rtree searches and other autorouter speedups.
- Fixed a bug in computation of the closest polygon point.
- Use rtrees for polygon handling for speed improvements.
- Add a ChangePinName() action.
- Fix a bug which caused duplicate rats names when manually adding
  rats lines.
- Added DRC checks for minimum drill diameter and minimum annular ring.
- Add a minimal glossary to the manual
- Fix the author name in the fab drawing
- Cause the crosshair to snap to pad ends instead of center for rat
- Add "join" to SetFlag, ClrFlag and ChangeFlag.
- Added inline documentation for the pcb file syntax.  The manual now
  is up to date and correctly documents the file format.  In addition
  the inline documentation will make it much easier to maintain the
- Remove some broken m4lib footprints
- Put the correct setting for the gschem footprint= attribute in []
  in the library window for the m4 libraries.

Submitted by:   Stanislav Sedov (ssedov at mbsd dot msk dot ru)
PR:             ports/99942
Original commit
Tuesday, 14 Jun 2005
16:18 hrs search for other commits by this committer
Update to 20050609.  Changes include:

 - The GUI is now based on gtk2 instead of Xaw
 - Flags are stored symbolically in the .pcb file.
 - As part of the switch to gtk2, the user customizable menu feature has
   been temporarily broken.  Hopefully this will be fixed by the next
   snapshot.  In addition, the loading of background images has also been
   temporarily broken.

Submitted by:   des
Original commit

Number of commits found: 2