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non port: www/qt5-webengine/files/patch-src_core_config_linux.pri

Number of commits found: 6

Sunday, 19 Nov 2023
23:26 Jason E. Hale (jhale) search for other commits by this committer
qt5-webengine: Track 5.15 branch

Since we roll our own distfile, this will make it easier to stay caught
up with backported Chromium security patches. Currently, it is patched
up to Chromium version 119.0.6045.123.

Fix build with newer devel/re2 and unbundle. Add a few patches that
reduce warnings that significantly increase build log size, some coming
as a result of having to build with c++17 now.

Add patches from Arch Linux [1] to finally remove dependency on the
long-expired Python 2.7. Special thanks to kai@ for reworking theses
patches for FreeBSD and testing them.

MFH:		2023Q4
Security:	6e4e8e87-9fb8-4e32-9f8e-9b4303f4bfd5
Security:	88754d55-521a-11ee-8290-a8a1599412c6
Security:	5666688f-803b-4cf0-9cb1-08c088f2225a
Security:	df0a2fd1-4c92-11ee-8290-a8a1599412c6
commit hash: d53807cc0e309a0f9dc9be2931e9681281184403 commit hash: d53807cc0e309a0f9dc9be2931e9681281184403 commit hash: d53807cc0e309a0f9dc9be2931e9681281184403 commit hash: d53807cc0e309a0f9dc9be2931e9681281184403 d53807c
Wednesday, 13 Sep 2023
06:00 Tobias C. Berner (tcberner) search for other commits by this committer
www/qt5-webengine: switch to using bundled re2

See 9d23691afbbc151dbc63933dc8ea370afc391eed for a similar change in

Using system re2 leads to compile failures with:

error: no member named 'as_string' in 'absl::string_view'
  return output + input.as_string();
                  ~~~~~ ^

* PORTREVISION intentionally was not bumped.
commit hash: 190bd2d090115c5c38661198d16fd55288aeb9c1 commit hash: 190bd2d090115c5c38661198d16fd55288aeb9c1 commit hash: 190bd2d090115c5c38661198d16fd55288aeb9c1 commit hash: 190bd2d090115c5c38661198d16fd55288aeb9c1 190bd2d
Saturday, 19 Dec 2020
07:57 kai search for other commits by this committer
www/qt5-webengine: Update to 5.15.2

* Under the hood runs Chromium 83.0.4103.122 with security fixes up to
  version 86.0.4240.183 and patches were taken from r540991 of www/chromium.

* Also adjust some patches to avoid hardcoding of ${LOCALBASE} and remove a
  redundant blank line.


* [QTBUG-84632] Warn about QtWebengineProcess launching from network share
                on Windows.
* [QTBUG-85363] Handle non-ASCII names for PulseAudio
* [QTBUG-85494] Fix regression crash when not handling
* [QTBUG-85817] Fix crashes on resize
* [QTBUG-86672] Fix remapped menu key being mapped back to menu key
* [QTBUG-86945] Fix crash when opening a PDF in debug build on windows.
* [QTBUG-87129] Mention node.js build-time dependency
* The QtWebEngineProcess now has a version number
* The old compositor has been removed and can no longer be restored using
  command line argument.

Approved by:	tcberner (kde)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:558439 
Monday, 13 Apr 2020
12:35 tcberner search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 to 5.14.2

Very big thanks go again to kai@ who provided the www/qt5-webengine upgrade (to
Notably, video capture support was re-enabled.


PR:		244964
Exp-run by:	antoine
Original commitRevision:531601 
Wednesday, 27 Mar 2019
22:34 kai search for other commits by this committer
www/qt5-webengine: Update to 5.12.1

It was again a long journey to bring the port in sync with the other Qt5
ports. It runs now under the hood with Chromium 69.0.3497.128 and applied
security fixes up to version 71.0.3578.94.

Also the approach with the handling of the files has changed. With
the previous version of www/qt5-webengine (and www/chromium up to r449991) the
boolean variables "is_bsd" and "is_posix" were set to true in BUILDCONFIG
when FreeBSD was detected as operating system during the build process.

Now the boolean variable "is_linux" is set to true as well and this reduces
some patching of files. It makes it (hopefully) also somewhat easier
to exclude Linux-only features from future www/qt5-webengine versions.

The .debug entries in the pkg-plist are prefixed with @comment each as a
temporary workaround because building with "separate_debug_info" fails to
build QtWebEngineProcess at the moment. (see also: QTBUG-74312)

Many kudos must go to the FreeBSD Chromium team for their ongoing efforts to
keep the browser in a good shape. I was able to use a decent amount of
patches from there which sped up the whole process.

At last but not least: Many thanks must also go to rakuco@ for finding the
last pieces to make www/qt5-webengine more usable and tcberner@ for the moral
support during the whole time.


PR:		234470 [1] (related), 235075 [2]
Reported by:	Michael Danilov [2], [1]
Reviewed by:	rakuco, tcberner (mentor)
Approved by:	rakuco, tcberner (mentor), kde (maintainer)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:496989 
Sunday, 22 Jul 2018
04:16 tobik search for other commits by this committer
www/qt5-webengine: Add sndio support

While here fix ALSA and PULSEAUDIO options
- With alsa-lib installed in the build environment ALSA=off did not
  previously disable ALSA support
- PulseAudio support was always disabled regardless of option state

Approved by:		kde (tcberner)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:475084 

Number of commits found: 6