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non port: www/qt5-webengine/files/patch-configure.pri

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Sunday, 19 Nov 2023
23:26 Jason E. Hale (jhale) search for other commits by this committer
qt5-webengine: Track 5.15 branch

Since we roll our own distfile, this will make it easier to stay caught
up with backported Chromium security patches. Currently, it is patched
up to Chromium version 119.0.6045.123.

Fix build with newer devel/re2 and unbundle. Add a few patches that
reduce warnings that significantly increase build log size, some coming
as a result of having to build with c++17 now.

Add patches from Arch Linux [1] to finally remove dependency on the
long-expired Python 2.7. Special thanks to kai@ for reworking theses
patches for FreeBSD and testing them.

MFH:		2023Q4
Security:	6e4e8e87-9fb8-4e32-9f8e-9b4303f4bfd5
Security:	88754d55-521a-11ee-8290-a8a1599412c6
Security:	5666688f-803b-4cf0-9cb1-08c088f2225a
Security:	df0a2fd1-4c92-11ee-8290-a8a1599412c6
commit hash: d53807cc0e309a0f9dc9be2931e9681281184403 commit hash: d53807cc0e309a0f9dc9be2931e9681281184403 commit hash: d53807cc0e309a0f9dc9be2931e9681281184403 commit hash: d53807cc0e309a0f9dc9be2931e9681281184403 d53807c
Saturday, 19 Dec 2020
07:57 kai search for other commits by this committer
www/qt5-webengine: Update to 5.15.2

* Under the hood runs Chromium 83.0.4103.122 with security fixes up to
  version 86.0.4240.183 and patches were taken from r540991 of www/chromium.

* Also adjust some patches to avoid hardcoding of ${LOCALBASE} and remove a
  redundant blank line.


* [QTBUG-84632] Warn about QtWebengineProcess launching from network share
                on Windows.
* [QTBUG-85363] Handle non-ASCII names for PulseAudio
* [QTBUG-85494] Fix regression crash when not handling
* [QTBUG-85817] Fix crashes on resize
* [QTBUG-86672] Fix remapped menu key being mapped back to menu key
* [QTBUG-86945] Fix crash when opening a PDF in debug build on windows.
* [QTBUG-87129] Mention node.js build-time dependency
* The QtWebEngineProcess now has a version number
* The old compositor has been removed and can no longer be restored using
  command line argument.

Approved by:	tcberner (kde)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:558439 
Monday, 6 Jul 2020
06:43 tcberner search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 to 5.15

This is a major upgrade of the Qt libraries [1], [2].

* People that use upgrading mechanisms with incomplete dependency handling
  (portmaster & Co) should make sure to manually remove the existing Qt
  packages to guarantee a safe upgrade. Keep in mind, that Qt does not like if
  you have an incomplete upgrade.

* This version of Qt drops support for OpenSSL 1.0 -- this means that there
  won't be any binary packages for Qt5 provided by the FreeBSD package builders
  for FreeBSD 11.x anymore -- and the same for *all* the ports depending on
  net/qt5-network [3]. If you cannot upgrade to a more recent FreeBSD
  version (12.x, 13.x), you will need to build Qt5 from ports while switching
  to an SSL implementation from ports.

Big thanks are due for
* kai@ for updating webengine (also mikael@)
* Felix Palmen for providing LibreSSL support patches
* adridg@ and lbartoletti@ for helping me fix the fallout


PR:		247010
Exp-run by:	antoine
Original commitRevision:541318 
Monday, 27 Apr 2020
07:35 kai search for other commits by this committer
www/qt5-webengine: Update to 5.14.2

* Under the hood runs Chromium version to 77.0.3865.129 with security
  patches up to 80.0.3987.132 .

* Restore one patch that was removed in r497425 . It's now required again to
  get successful builds.


[QTBUG-78284] Fixed conversion of tabpanel aria role
[QTBUG-81206] Fixed overriding shortcuts in password input fields
              on Windows
[QTBUG-80234] Fixed media playback issue on custom urls by supporting HTTP
              ranges headers
[QTBUG-81521] Update navigation actions when load finishes in a subframe
[QTBUG-82109] Fixed name filters of GTK file picker
[QTBUG-78284] Fixed widget accessibility on macOS
[QTBUG-78284] Fixed quick accessibility on macOS
[QTBUG-81783] Fixed event.key for Ctrl key combinations on Windows
[QTBUG-81574] Clear previous page text selection on new navigation
[QTBUG-78284] Fixed VoiceOver navigation on web pages on macOS
[QTBUG-81539] Update accessibility focus on FocusIn events for Quick
[QTBUG-82715] Support build with system ninja >= 1.10.0

* Fixed deadlocks on WebEngineContext destruction
* Suppress error message on ACCESSIBILITY_EVENTS permission type
* Example 'quicknanobrowser' improvements

Approved by:	tcberner (kde)
Original commitRevision:533106 
Monday, 13 Apr 2020
12:35 tcberner search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 to 5.14.2

Very big thanks go again to kai@ who provided the www/qt5-webengine upgrade (to
Notably, video capture support was re-enabled.


PR:		244964
Exp-run by:	antoine
Original commitRevision:531601 
Saturday, 26 Oct 2019
22:00 kai search for other commits by this committer
www/qt5-webengine: Update to 5.13.0

Under the hood runs Chromium 73.0.3683.105 with applied security fixes from
Chrome up to version 74.0.3729.157.

Most of the patches were synced with www/chromium 73.0.3683.103 (= r498089)
with some re-added/modified patches from r497877 and r499210 to get also
successful builds on aarch64. Some tweaking might still be needed to get
positive build results on the armv7 architecture.

Other notable changes:

* GN keywords "use_system_{libusb,libcxx}" aren't used anymore thus both
  were removed from the FreeBSD specific qmake file "freebsd.pri".

* In various GN files the OS is now identified as "freebsd" (prior it was
  "bsd") so "mkspecs/features/functions.prf" was changed accordingly.

* The hook up of the sandbox feature is no longer excluded which led to some
  more patches (= patch-*crashpad* files)

* Add "xorg" to USES as using USE_XORG alone is deprecated.


Approved by:	tcberner (kde)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:515731 
Friday, 5 Apr 2019
20:50 tcberner search for other commits by this committer
Update Qt5 to 5.12.2

- Thanks to kai for updating webengine.

Exp-run by:	antoine
PR:		236895
Original commitRevision:497990 

Number of commits found: 7