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non port: www/node/files/patch-deps_v8_src_log-utils.h

Number of commits found: 3

Sunday, 18 Sep 2016
15:59 vanilla search for other commits by this committer
Update to 6.6.0.

PR:		212797
Submitted by:	maintainer
Original commitRevision:422395 
Wednesday, 29 Jun 2016
20:10 pi search for other commits by this committer
www/node: regenerate patches with 'make makepatch'

PR:		210619
Submitted by:	Bradley T. Hughes <> (maintainer)
Original commitRevision:417792 
Monday, 28 Dec 2015
08:46 koobs search for other commits by this committer
www/node: Fix build on FreeBSD 9.x

Patch log-utils.h in the in-tree v8 source code, allowing it to compile
using G++ 4.8 on FreeBSD 9.x. The code unfortunately relies on compiler
intrinsics instead of including the necessary standard headers for
handling C-style I/O and variadic arguments in its internal logging

This commit log and the code changes were provided by:

Brendan Molloy (fmtq via IRC) - Thank you!

PR:		205401
Reported by:	JSG (via freenode IRC)
Approved by:	blanket (portmgr)
Original commitRevision:404617 

Number of commits found: 3