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non port: www/node/files/patch-deps_openssl_config_bn__conf__no-asm.h

Number of commits found: 4

Friday, 16 Aug 2019
22:27 bhughes search for other commits by this committer
www/node: Update 12.7.0 -> 12.8.0

The bundled OpenSSL configuration now includes BSD-x86, which this port
can now use. The build for i386 is still using the no-asm variant for
the time being. Assembler errors in BSD-x86/asm-avx2 need to be
investigated to be able to enable asm with the bundled OpenSSL.

While here, regenerate all remaining patches with `make makepatch`.

Sponsored by:	Miles AS
Original commitRevision:509122 
Saturday, 13 Apr 2019
20:33 bhughes search for other commits by this committer
www/node: Update 11.13.0 -> 11.14.0

Sponsored by:	Miles AS
Original commitRevision:498834 
Sunday, 13 May 2018
08:21 bhughes search for other commits by this committer
www/node: fix SSL/TLS on i386

The upgrade to v10.0.0 included significant changes to the OpenSSL
dependency in Node.js, in particular how the build was configured.
Upstream does not include a BSD-x86 config anymore, so the www/node port
ended up using the BSD-x86_64 no-asm config for all builds except x86_64
(which used the asm optimized config). This was a mistake, causing all
32-bit archs to build OpenSSL configured for a 64-bit architecture, and
it causes problems with SSL/TLS as described in PR 228135.

Change the build config to not use BSD-x86_64 no-asm for 32-bit i386 and
arm builds, falling back to the generic linux-elf configuration instead.
Patches remove Linux specific libraries (-ldl) and keep the CFLAGS the
same as the BSD config.

PR:             228135
Reported by:    Marcin Cie\xc5\x9blak <>
Original commitRevision:469781 
Monday, 30 Apr 2018
22:46 bhughes search for other commits by this committer
www/node: Update 9.11.1_1 -> 10.0.0

Update to the latest major release of Node.js. This release includes
many significant changes, both to Node.js itself and the FreeBSD port.

In particular, Node.js now requires OpenSSL 1.1.0h, so the BUNDLED_SSL
option is enabled by default. It is still possible to disable this
option when using security/openssl-devel (which is currently at 1.1.0h).
Multiple patches are required to get Node.js building with the bundled
OpenSSL library. Only amd64 builds get optimized assembler; all other
archs use non-asm implementations.
Original commitRevision:468746 

Number of commits found: 4