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VuXML IDDescription
eab964f8-d632-11ea-9172-4c72b94353b5typo3 -- multiple vulnerabilities

Typo3 Team reports:

In case an attacker manages to generate a valid cryptographic message authentication code (HMAC-SHA1) - either by using a different existing vulnerability or in case the internal encryptionKey was exposed - it is possible to retrieve arbitrary files of a TYPO3 installation. This includes the possibility to fetch typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php which again contains the encryptionKey as well as credentials of the database management system being used. In case a database server is directly accessible either via internet or in a shared hosting network, this allows to completely retrieve, manipulate or delete database contents. This includes creating an administration user account - which can be used to trigger remote code execution by injecting custom extensions.

It has been discovered that an internal verification mechanism can be used to generate arbitrary checksums. This allows to inject arbitrary data having a valid cryptographic message authentication code (HMAC-SHA1) and can lead to various attack chains as described below.

Discovery 2020-07-28
Entry 2020-08-04
lt 9.5.20

lt 10.4.6
0eab001a-9708-11ec-96c9-589cfc0f81b0typo3 -- XSS vulnerability in svg-sanitize

The TYPO3 project reports:

The SVG sanitizer library enshrined/svg-sanitize before version 0.15.0 did not remove HTML elements wrapped in a CDATA section. As a result, SVG content embedded in HTML (fetched as text/html) was susceptible to cross-site scripting. Plain SVG files (fetched as image/svg+xml) were not affected.

Discovery 2022-02-22
Entry 2022-02-27
lt 10.4.25

lt 11.5.7