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VuXML IDDescription
dec7e4b6-961a-11eb-9c34-080027f515earuby -- XML round-trip vulnerability in REXML

Juho Nurminen reports:

When parsing and serializing a crafted XML document, REXML gem (including the one bundled with Ruby) can create a wrong XML document whose structure is different from the original one. The impact of this issue highly depends on context, but it may lead to a vulnerability in some programs that are using REXML.

Discovery 2021-04-05
Entry 2021-04-05
ge 2.5.0,1 lt 2.5.9,1

ge 2.6.0,1 lt 2.6.7,1

ge 2.7.0,1 lt 2.7.3,1

ge 3.0.0.p1,1 lt 3.0.1,1

lt 3.2.5