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VuXML IDDescription
daadef86-a366-11e5-8b40-20cf30e32f6dsubversion -- multiple vulnerabilities

Subversion Project reports:

Remotely triggerable heap overflow and out-of-bounds read caused by integer overflow in the svn:// protocol parser.

Remotely triggerable heap overflow and out-of-bounds read in mod_dav_svn caused by integer overflow when parsing skel-encoded request bodies.

Discovery 2015-11-14
Entry 2015-12-15
ge 1.7.0 lt 1.7.22_1

ge 1.8.0 lt 1.8.15

ge 1.9.0 lt 1.9.3

ge 1.7.0 lt 1.7.22_1

ge 1.8.0 lt 1.8.15

ge 1.9.0 lt 1.9.3

06a5abd4-6bc2-11eb-b292-90e2baa3bafcmod_dav_svn -- server crash

Subversion project reports:

Subversion's mod_authz_svn module will crash if the server is using in-repository authz rules with the AuthzSVNReposRelativeAccessFile option and a client sends a request for a non-existing repository URL.

Discovery 2021-01-29
Entry 2021-02-10
ge 1.9.0 le 1.10.6

ge 1.11.0 le 1.14.0