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VuXML IDDescription
d3180f02-031e-11ec-875f-0800273f11eagitea -- multiple vulnerabilities

The Gitea Team reports for release 1.15.0:

  • Encrypt LDAP bind password in db with SECRET_KEY (#15547)
  • Remove random password in Dockerfiles (#15362)
  • Upgrade to the latest version of golang-jwt and increase minimum go to 1.15 (#16590) (#16606)
  • Correctly create of git-daemon-export-ok files (#16508) (#16514)
  • Don't show private user's repo in explore view (#16550) (#16554)
  • Update node tar dependency to 6.1.6 (#16622) (#16623)

Discovery 2021-04-29
Entry 2021-08-22
lt 1.15.0