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VuXML IDDescription
c360d057-ea8b-11e9-859b-b885849ded8emod_perl2 -- execute arbitrary Perl code

mod_perl2 2.0.11 fixes Arbitrary Perl code execution in the context of the user account via a user-owned .htaccess.

mod_perl 2.0 through 2.0.10 allows attackers to execute arbitrary Perl code by placing it in a user-owned .htaccess file, because (contrary to the documentation) there is no configuration option that permits Perl code for the administrator's control of HTTP request processing without also permitting unprivileged users to run Perl code in the context of the user account that runs Apache HTTP Server processes.

Discovery 2011-07-19
Entry 2019-10-09
lt 2.0.11,3