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VuXML IDDescription
b2f1f86f-20e6-11ec-a574-080027eedc6anexus2-oss -- NXRM2 Directory Traversal vulnerability

Sonatype reports:

  • CVE-2020-15012: NXRM2 Directory Traversal vulnerability

Discovery 2020-06-23
Entry 2021-09-29
lt 2.14.19

730e922f-20e7-11ec-a574-080027eedc6anexus2-oss -- Apache ActiveMQ JMX vulnerability

Sonatype reports:

  • CVE-2020-13920: Apache ActiveMQ JMX is vulnerable to a MITM attack

Discovery 2020-12-28
Entry 2021-09-29
lt 2.14.20