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VuXML IDDescription
7695b0af-958f-11ec-9aa3-4ccc6adda413cryptopp -- ElGamal implementation allows plaintext recovery

Crypto++ 8.6 release notes reports:

The ElGamal implementation in Crypto++ through 8.5 allows plaintext recovery because, during interaction between two cryptographic libraries, a certain dangerous combination of the prime defined by the receiver's public key, the generator defined by the receiver's public key, and the sender's ephemeral exponents can lead to a cross-configuration attack against OpenPGP.

Discovery 2021-09-06
Entry 2022-02-24
lt 8.6.0

eab68cff-bc0c-11e6-b2ca-001b3856973bcryptopp -- multiple vulnerabilities

Multiple sources report:

CVE-2015-2141: The InvertibleRWFunction::CalculateInverse function in rw.cpp in libcrypt++ 5.6.2 does not properly blind private key operations for the Rabin-Williams digital signature algorithm, which allows remote attackers to obtain private keys via a timing attack. Fixed in 5.6.3.

CVE-2016-3995: Incorrect implementation of Rijndael timing attack countermeasure. Fixed in 5.6.4.

CVE-2016-7420: Library built without -DNDEBUG could egress sensitive information to the filesystem via a core dump if an assert was triggered. Fixed in 5.6.5.

Discovery 2015-02-27
Entry 2016-12-06
lt 5.6.5