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VuXML IDDescription
714e6c35-c75b-11ea-aa29-d74973d1f9f3OpenEXR/ilmbase 2.5.2 -- patch release with various bug/security fixes

Cary Phillips reports:

openexr 2.5.2 [is a p]atch release with various bug/security and build/install fixes:

  • Invalid input could cause a heap-use-after-free error in DeepScanLineInputFile::DeepScanLineInputFile()
  • Invalid chunkCount attributes could cause heap buffer overflow in getChunkOffsetTableSize()
  • Invalid tiled input file could cause invalid memory access TiledInputFile::TiledInputFile()

Discovery 2020-05-18
Entry 2020-07-16
lt 2.5.2

lt 2.5.2