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VuXML IDDescription
703c4761-b61d-11ec-9ebc-1c697aa5a594FreeBSD -- mpr/mps/mpt driver ioctl heap out-of-bounds write

Problem Description:

Handlers for *_CFG_PAGE read / write ioctls in the mpr, mps, and mpt drivers allocated a buffer of a caller-specified size, but copied to it a fixed size header. Other heap content would be overwritten if the specified size was too small.


Users with access to the mpr, mps or mpt device node may overwrite heap data, potentially resulting in privilege escalation. Note that the device node is only accessible to root and members of the operator group.

Discovery 2022-04-06
Entry 2022-04-07
ge 13.0 lt 13.0_11

ge 12.3 lt 12.3_5