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VuXML IDDescription
6d21a287-fce0-11e0-a828-00235a5f2c9akdelibs4, rekonq -- input validation failure

KDE Security Advisory reports:

The default rendering type for a QLabel is QLabel::AutoText, which uses heuristics to determine whether to render the given content as plain text or rich text. KSSL and Rekonq did not properly force its QLabels to use QLabel::PlainText. As a result, if given a certificate containing rich text in its fields, they would render the rich text. Specifically, a certificate containing a common name (CN) that has a table element will cause the second line of the table to be displayed. This can allow spoofing of the certificate's common name.

Discovery 2011-10-03
Entry 2011-10-23
ge 4.0.* lt 4.7.2

lt 0.8.0