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VuXML IDDescription
6916ea94-4628-11ec-bbe2-0800270512f4rubygem-date -- Regular Expression Denial of Service Vunlerability of Date Parsing Methods

Stanislav Valkanov reports:

Date's parsing methods including Date.parse are using Regexps internally, some of which are vulnerable against regular expression denial of service. Applications and libraries that apply such methods to untrusted input may be affected.

Discovery 2021-11-15
Entry 2021-11-15
Modified 2021-11-24
ge 2.6.0,1 lt 2.6.9,1

ge 2.7.0,1 lt 2.7.5,1

ge 3.0.0,1 lt 3.0.3,1

ge 2.6.0,1 lt 2.6.9,1

ge 2.7.0,1 lt 2.7.5,1

ge 3.0.0,1 lt 3.0.3,1

lt 3.2.1