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VuXML IDDescription
6190c0cd-b945-11ea-9401-2dcf562daa69PuTTY -- Release 0.74 fixes two security vulnerabilities

Simon Tatham reports:

[Release 0.74] fixes the following security issues:

  • New configuration option to disable PuTTY's default policy of changing its host key algorithm preferences to prefer keys it already knows. (There is a theoretical information leak in this policy.) [CVE-2020-14002]
  • In some situations an SSH server could cause PuTTY to access freed mdmory by pretending to accept an SSH key and then refusing the actual signature. It can only happen if you're using an SSH agent.

Discovery 2020-06-27
Entry 2020-06-28
lt 0.74

lt 0.74

lt 0.74