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VuXML IDDescription
4548ec97-4d38-11ec-a539-0800270512f4rubygem-cgi -- cookie prefix spoofing in CGI::Cookie.parse

ooooooo_q reports:

The old versions of CGI::Cookie.parse applied URL decoding to cookie names. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to spoof security prefixes in cookie names, which may be able to trick a vulnerable application.

By this fix, CGI::Cookie.parse no longer decodes cookie names. Note that this is an incompatibility if cookie names that you are using include non-alphanumeric characters that are URL-encoded.

Discovery 2021-11-24
Entry 2021-11-24
ge 2.6.0,1 lt 2.6.9,1

ge 2.7.0,1 lt 2.7.5,1

ge 3.0.0,1 lt 3.0.3,1

ge 2.6.0,1 lt 2.6.9,1

ge 2.7.0,1 lt 2.7.5,1

ge 3.0.0,1 lt 3.0.3,1

lt 0.3.1