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38fdf07b-e8ec-11ea-8bbe-e0d55e2a8bf9ark -- extraction outside of extraction directory

Albert Astals Cid reports:


A maliciously crafted TAR archive containing symlink entries would install files anywhere in the user's home directory upon extraction.

Proof of concept

For testing, an example of malicious archive can be found at dirsymlink.tar


Users can unwillingly install files like a modified .bashrc, or a malicious script placed in ~/.config/autostart.


Before extracting a downloaded archive using the Ark GUI, users should inspect it to make sure it doesn't contain symlink entries pointing outside the extraction folder.

The 'Extract' context menu from the Dolphin file manager shouldn't be used.


Ark 20.08.1 skips maliciously crafted symlinks when extracting TAR archives.

Alternatively, 8bf8c5ef07b0ac5e914d752681e470dea403a5bd can be applied to previous releases.


Thanks to Fabian Vogt for reporting this issue and for fixing it.

Discovery 2020-08-27
Entry 2020-08-28
lt 20.08.0_1