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VuXML IDDescription
2d4076eb-f679-11e9-a87f-a4badb2f4699varnish -- Information Disclosure Vulnerability

Varnish Software reports:

A bug has been discovered in Varnish Cache where we fail to clear a pointer between the handling of one client requests and the next on the same connection. This can under specific circumstances lead to information being leaked from the connection workspace.

Discovery 2019-10-21
Entry 2019-10-24
lt 6.3.1
b0c83e1a-8153-11ec-84f9-641c67a117d8varnish -- Request Smuggling Vulnerability

Varnish Cache Project reports:

A request smuggling attack can be performed on HTTP/1 connections on Varnish Cache servers. The smuggled request would be treated as an additional request by the Varnish server, go through normal VCL processing, and injected as a spurious response on the client connection.

Discovery 2022-01-25
Entry 2022-01-29
lt 6.6.2

lt 4.1.11r6

ce231189-ce56-11e9-9fa0-0050569f0b83www/varnish6 -- Denial of Service

The Varnish Team reports:

A failure in HTTP/1 parsing can allow a remote attacker to trigger an assertion in varnish, restarting the daemon and clearing the cache.

Discovery 2019-09-02
Entry 2019-09-03
lt 6.2.1