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VuXML IDDescription
2040c7f5-1e3a-11e8-8ae9-0050569f0b83isc-dhcp -- Multiple vulnerabilities

ISC reports:

Failure to properly bounds check a buffer used for processing DHCP options allows a malicious server (or an entity masquerading as a server) to cause a buffer overflow (and resulting crash) in dhclient by sending a response containing a specially constructed options section.

A malicious client which is allowed to send very large amounts of traffic (billions of packets) to a DHCP server can eventually overflow a 32-bit reference counter, potentially causing dhcpd to crash.

Discovery 2018-02-21
Entry 2018-03-02
lt 4.4.1

lt 4.4.1

le 4.3.6

le 4.3.6