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VuXML IDDescription
197f444f-e8ef-11d9-b875-0001020eed82bzip2 -- denial of service and permission race vulnerabilities

Problem Description

Two problems have been discovered relating to the extraction of bzip2-compressed files. First, a carefully constructed invalid bzip2 archive can cause bzip2 to enter an infinite loop. Second, when creating a new file, bzip2 closes the file before setting its permissions.


The first problem can cause bzip2 to extract a bzip2 archive to an infinitely large file. If bzip2 is used in automated processing of untrusted files this could be exploited by an attacker to create an denial-of-service situation by exhausting disk space or by consuming all available cpu time.

The second problem can allow a local attacker to change the permissions of local files owned by the user executing bzip2 providing that they have write access to the directory in which the file is being extracted.


Do not uncompress bzip2 archives from untrusted sources and do not uncompress files in directories where untrusted users have write access.

Discovery 2005-03-30
Entry 2005-06-29
Modified 2016-08-09
ge 5.4 lt 5.4_3

ge 5.0 lt 5.3_17

ge 4.11 lt 4.11_11

lt 4.10_16

lt 1.0.3_1

0ddb57a9-da20-4e99-b048-4366092f3d31bzip2 -- integer overflow vulnerability

Secunia reports:

A vulnerability has been reported in bzip2, which can be exploited by malicious people to cause a DoS (Denial of Service) or potentially compromise a vulnerable system.

The vulnerability is caused due to an integer overflow in the "BZ2_decompress()" function in decompress.c and can be exploited to cause a crash or potentially execute arbitrary code.

Discovery 2010-09-21
Entry 2010-10-25
lt 1.0.6

4b6cb45d-881e-447a-a4e0-c97a954ea758bzip2 -- multiple issues

bzip2 developers reports:

CVE-2016-3189 - Fix use-after-free in bzip2recover (Jakub Martisko)

CVE-2019-12900 - Detect out-of-range nSelectors in corrupted files (Albert Astals Cid). Found through fuzzing karchive.

Discovery 2019-06-23
Entry 2019-06-30
lt 1.0.7
063399fc-f6d6-11dc-bcee-001c2514716cbzip2 -- crash with certain malformed archive files

SecurityFocus reports:

The 'bzip2' application is prone to a remote file-handling vulnerability because the application fails to properly handle malformed files.

Exploit attempts likely result in application crashes.

Discovery 2008-03-18
Entry 2008-03-20
lt 1.0.5