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VuXML IDDescription
0dcf68fa-5c31-11ec-875e-901b0e9408dcMatrix clients -- several vulnerabilities

Matrix developers report:

Today we are releasing security updates to libolm, matrix-js-sdk, and several clients including Element Web / Desktop. Users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

These releases mitigate a buffer overflow in olm_session_describe, a libolm debugging function used by matrix-js-sdk in its end-to-end encryption (E2EE) implementation. If you rely on matrix-js-sdk for E2EE, you are affected.

Discovery 2021-12-03
Entry 2021-12-13
lt 1.6.0

lt 1.9.7
93eb0e48-14ba-11ec-875e-901b0e9408dcMatrix clients -- several vulnerabilities

Matrix developers report:

Today we are disclosing a critical security issue affecting multiple Matrix clients and libraries including Element (Web/Desktop/Android), FluffyChat, Nheko, Cinny, and SchildiChat.

Specifically, in certain circumstances it may be possible to trick vulnerable clients into disclosing encryption keys for messages previously sent by that client to user accounts later compromised by an attacker.

Exploiting this vulnerability to read encrypted messages requires gaining control over the recipient’s account. This requires either compromising their credentials directly or compromising their homeserver.

Discovery 2021-08-23
Entry 2021-09-13
lt 1.2.1

lt 1.8.3

le 0.8.2_2