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VuXML IDDescription
0899c0d3-80f2-11ea-bafd-815569f3852dansible - win_unzip path normalization

Borja Tarraso reports:

A flaw was found in Ansible 2.7.17 and prior, 2.8.9 and prior, and 2.9.6 and prior when using the Extract-Zip function from the win_unzip module as the extracted file(s) are not checked if they belong to the destination folder. An attacker could take advantage of this flaw by crafting an archive anywhere in the file system, using a path traversal. This issue is fixed in 2.10.

Discovery 2020-02-12
Entry 2020-04-17
lt 2.8.9

lt 2.7.17

lt 2.7.17

lt 2.7.17

lt 2.7.17

lt 2.7.17