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VuXML IDDescription
06ed6a49-bad4-11ec-9cfe-0800270512f4Ruby -- Buffer overrun in String-to-Float conversion

piao reports:

Due to a bug in an internal function that converts a String to a Float, some convertion methods like Kernel#Float and String#to_f could cause buffer over-read. A typical consequence is a process termination due to segmentation fault, but in a limited circumstances, it may be exploitable for illegal memory read.

Discovery 2022-04-12
Entry 2022-04-13
ge 2.7.0,1 lt 2.7.6,1

ge 3.0.0,1 lt 3.0.4,1

ge 3.1.0,1 lt 3.1.2,1

ge 3.2.0.p1,1 lt 3.2.0.p1_1,1

ge 2.7.0,1 lt 2.7.6,1

ge 3.0.0,1 lt 3.0.4,1

ge 3.1.0,1 lt 3.1.2,1

ge 3.2.0.p1,1 lt 3.2.0.p1_1,1