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VuXML IDDescription
0167f5ad-64ea-11e4-98c1-00269ee29e57Konversation -- out-of-bounds read on a heap-allocated array

Konversation developers report:

Konversation's Blowfish ECB encryption support assumes incoming blocks to be the expected 12 bytes. The lack of a sanity-check for the actual size can cause a denial of service and an information leak to the local user.

Discovery 2014-11-04
Entry 2014-11-05
lt 1.5.1

795ccee1-c7ed-11e7-ad7d-001e2a3f778dkonversation -- crash in IRC message parsing

KDE reports:

Konversation has support for colors in IRC messages. Any malicious user connected to the same IRC network can send a carefully crafted message that will crash the Konversation user client.

Discovery 2017-10-27
Entry 2017-11-12
lt 1.7.3