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Sanity Test Failure
Sun, 13 Sep 2020
[ 05:56 jbeich ] Original commit   Revision:548452
  • dssim graphics files touched by this commit pkg-fallout Image similarity comparison simulating human perception
graphics/dssim: add new port

This tool computes (dis)similarity between two or more PNG images
using an algorithm approximating human vision.

Comparison is done in L*a*b* color space (D65 white point, sRGB gamma)
using a multi-scale variant of the SSIM algorithm.

- Supports alpha channel
- Supports gamma correction
- No OpenCV or MATLAB needed:
   - DSSIM version 1.x uses C (C99) and libpng or Cocoa on macOS.
   - DSSIM version 2.x is easy to build with Rust

Sanity Test Results


I did not find a Makefile for this port, and none was mentioned in the
commit.  If a repocopy has been done, please ignore this message. This
command (FreshPorts code 1):

/usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/chroot -u freshports
/var/db/freshports/ports-jail / /var/db/repos/PORTS-head

produced this error:

Error message is: cd: /var/db/repos/PORTS-head/graphics/libdssim: No such
file or directory
make: cannot open /var/db/repos/PORTS-head/graphics/libdssim/Makefile.
Make results are : 
make: stopped in /