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Sanity Test Failure
Sun, 5 Jan 2020
[ 04:06 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:522085
  • py-pipx devel files touched by this commit pkg-fallout Install and Run Python Applications in Isolated Environments
Add py-pipx

pipx is a tool to help you install and run end-user applications written in
Python. pipx is not a tool for development or publishing of your code -- it's
only for consuming already published packages.

Python and PyPI allow developers to distribute code with "console script entry
points". These scripts let users call into Python code from the command line,
effectively acting like standalone applications. pipx is a tool to install and
run any of these thousands of Python applications available on PyPI in a safe,
convenient, and reliable way. In a way, it turns Python Package Index (PyPI)
into a big app store for Python applications. Not all Python packages have entry
points, but many do.

pipx enables you to:
- Safely install packages to isolated environments, while globally exposing
  their CLI entry points so you can run them from anywhere (see the install
  command). This guarantees no dependency conflicts and clean uninstalls!
- Easily list, upgrade, and uninstall packages that were installed with pipx
- Run the latest version of a Python application in a temporary environment (see
  the run command)

Best of all, pipx runs with regular user permissions.


Sanity Test Results


NOTE: this particular sanity test is very experimental
A port specified in the RUN_DEPENDS of devel/py-pipx does not exist:
'devel/py-userpath' on branch 'head'.