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Sanity Test Failure
Fri, 29 Dec 2017
[ 09:01 antoine search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:457499
  • py-rarfile 2.8 archivers files touched by this commit pkg-fallout Python module for RAR archive reading
  • menumaker 0.99.10 deskutils files touched by this commit pkg-fallout Menu generator for X Window Managers and desktop environments
  • b2 1.1.0 devel files touched by this commit pkg-fallout Command Line Interface for Backblaze's B2 storage service
  • bear 2.3.6 devel files touched by this commit pkg-fallout Tool that generates a compilation database for clang tooling
  • py-aniso8601 1.3.0 devel files touched by this commit pkg-fallout Library for parsing ISO 8601 strings
  • py-apscheduler 3.5.0 devel files touched by this commit pkg-fallout In-process task scheduler with Cron-like capabilities
  • py-boto 2.48.0 devel files touched by this commit pkg-fallout Python interface to Amazon Web Services
  • py-cliff 2.4.0 devel files touched by this commit pkg-fallout Command Line Interface Formulation Framework
  • py-diazo 1.2.8 devel files touched by this commit pkg-fallout Deliverance like language using a pure XSLT engine
  • py-glob2 0.5 devel files touched by this commit pkg-fallout Glob that captures patterns and supports recursive wildcards
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Simplify some USES=python

With hat:	portmgr

Sanity Test Results


This command (FreshPorts code 1):

/usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/chroot -u freshports
/var/db/freshports/ports-jail / /var/db/repos/PORTS-head
x11/libxcb 2>/tmp/FreshPorts.x11.libxcb.make-error.2017.

produced this error:

Error message is: make: "/var/db/repos/PORTS-head/Mk/" line
1485: Cannot open /var/db/repos/PORTS-head/Mk/Uses/python,
make: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continueMake results are : 
make: stopped in /var/db/repos/PORTS-head/x11/libxcb