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non port: net/geoipupdate/pkg-plist

Number of commits found: 7

Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019
18:59 adamw search for other commits by this committer
Update geoipupdate to 4.0.0

It is now written in go, for reasons I guess.
Original commitRevision:490399 
Monday, 13 Aug 2018
20:43 adamw search for other commits by this committer
Update geoipupdate to 3.0.0

Also, sort plist.

* BREAKING CHANGE: When downloading the free databases without a
  MaxMind account, you must either not have `AccountID`, `UserId`,
  or `LicenseKey` set in your configuration file or they must be set
  to the zero values previously recommended in our documentation. Any
  other value will cause an authorization error.
* BREAKING CHANGE: The configuration options `Protocol`,
  `SkipPeerVerification`, and `SkipHostnameVerification` are no longer
  supported. If they are present in the configuration file, they will
  be ignored. HTTPS with peer and hostname verification will be used
  on all requests.
* BREAKING CHANGE: The configuration file must have the `AccountID`
  or the deprecated `UserId` when downloading a paid database.
  Previously, when downloading the GeoIP Legacy Country database, you
  were able to only provide the `LicenseKey`.
* IMPORTANT: `` has been removed and will no
  longer be distributed with `geoipupdate`. This Perl script had known
  issues and did not have feature parity with the C implementation. If
  you were using the Perl version, we recommend that you switch to the
  C version. If you are not able to do this, you may continue using the
  Perl version distributed with 2.5.0.
* This program no longer uses the following endpoints:
  `/app/update_getipaddr`, `/app/update`, and `/app/update_secure`.
  `/geoip/databases/{edition_id}/update` is now used instead.
* Fixed issue in `gu_strnlen()` dereferencing a pointer before checking
  that it was in array bounds. Issue found by fcntl.
* We now update the default GeoIP.conf during installation so that
  directory paths match build parameters. Previously this config always
  said the data directory was under /usr/local/share which was not always
* Improve the error checking and display the underlying reason for the
  error when possible. Reported by Jonathan Kosgei. GitHub #82.
* Document that the `LockFile` is not removed from the filesystem after
  a successful exit from the program. GitHub issue #79.
* Make default configuration directory agree with default installation
Original commitRevision:477114 
Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017
01:24 adamw search for other commits by this committer
Update to 2.5.0

Also, create PREFIX/share/GeoIP, as it's needed with the default

Note that conf option names have changed with this release, but the
old names will continue to work.

* Replace use of strnlen() due to lack of universal availability. First
  reported by Bill Cole. GitHub issue #71.
* Document the LockFile option in the GeoIP.conf man page. GitHub
  issue #64.
* Remove unused base64 library. PR by Mikhail Teterin. GitHub PR #68.
* Add the new configuration option PreserveFileTimes. If set,
  the downloaded files will get the same modification times as
  their original on the server. Default is 0 (unset).
  PR by Rainer Jung. GitHub PR #63.
* Use the correct types when calling curl_easy_setopt(). This fixes
  warnings generated by libcurl's typecheck-gcc.h. PR by Michael
  Kaufmann. GitHub PR #61.
* In GeoIP.conf, the UserId option was renamed to AccountID and the
  ProductIds option was renamed to EditionIDs. The old options will
  continue to work, but upgrading to the new names is recommended for
  forward compatibility.
Original commitRevision:453214 
Wednesday, 4 Jan 2017
22:34 adamw search for other commits by this committer
Update to 2.3.0.

  * geoipupdate now uses TCP keep-alive when compiled with cURL 7.25 or
  * Previously, on an invalid gzip file, geoipupdate would output binary data
    to stderr. It now displays an appropriate error message.
Original commitRevision:430605 
Friday, 29 Jan 2016
03:47 adamw search for other commits by this committer
Fix order of @sample args.

Caught by:	danfe
Original commitRevision:407449 
Wednesday, 27 Jan 2016
01:16 adamw search for other commits by this committer
Update to 2.2.2.

Also, use instead of setting CPPFLAGS/LDFLAGS manually, and
use the new two-argument @sample instead of renaming and sed-ing.
Original commitRevision:407331 
Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014
15:53 adamw search for other commits by this committer
- Update GeoIP to 1.6.2 and switch to its new github location.

- Add net/geoipupdate, the formal tool to fetch updates. It is for paid
  subscribers. People using the free version should continue using the script in net/GeoIP.

This program is used to fetch the GeoIP2 and GeoIP databases. It requires
an active GeoIP subscription.

Please see for details about
obtaining a subscription.

If you wish to install the free versions of the GeoIP databases, please
use the script provided in net/GeoIP.

Original commitRevision:366333 

Number of commits found: 7