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Mon, 6 Jan 2020
[ 19:05 kai search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:522268
net-mgmt/netbox: Update to 2.6.11

* Remove the patch that fixed a regression when accessing the API
  documentation as it's no longer required. [1]

Changelog since 2.6.9:

* Add ability to move inventory items between devices
* Extend admin UI to allow deleting old report results
* Add assigned_to_interface filter for IP addresses
* Fail gracefully on custom link rendering exception
* Provide request context when executing custom scripts
* Add date/time picker widgets
* Enable partial search for inventory items
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Wed, 1 Jan 2020
[ 17:55 kai search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:521755
net-mgmt/netbox: Update to 2.6.9

* Remove two backported patches that are no longer required. [1]
* Backport a patch from upstream that fixes a regression when accessing the
  API documentation.
* Update the WWW field.


* Include direct link to rack elevations on site view
* Move virtual machine results near devices in global search
* Added copy button for API tokens

Bug Fixes:
* Prevent the deletion of a virtual chassis when a cross-member LAG
  is present
* Respect custom field default values when creating objects via the REST API
* Fix exception on password change page for local users [1]
* Fix unable to assign IP to interface [1]

MFH:		2020Q1

Number of commits found: 2