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non port: misc/fortune-mod-culmea-culmilor/pkg-plist

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Wednesday, 21 Dec 2005
04:45 edwin search for other commits by this committer
[MAINTAINER] misc/fortune-mod-culmea-culmilor: update

        Update to include "-o" file.

        Move common fortune ports code in Makefile.fortune.
        Make -o files code actually work.
        Make fortune fiels with comments work.
        Drop pkg-message but show where the fortune file is installed.

        Future plans:
        - add other .ro fortunes ports
        - write a send-fortune tool.

PR:             ports/90651
Submitted by:   Ion-Mihai "IOnut" Tetcu <>
Original commit
Friday, 25 Nov 2005
02:47 edwin search for other commits by this committer
[NEW PORT] misc/fortune-mod-culmea-culmilor: Romanian "Culmea culmilor" jokes
(in Romanian)

        Romanian "Culmea culmilor" jokes (in Romaninan)

        Romanian description:
        Maxime de genul "Culmea aglomeratiei: Sa ...." - instaleaza portul ca sa
afli ;)

PR:             ports/89295
Submitted by:   "Ion-Mihai "IOnut" Tetcu" <>
Original commit

Number of commits found: 2