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non port: mail/thunderbird/files/patch-jsosdep

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Thursday, 12 Jan 2006
05:54 ahze search for other commits by this committer
- Update thunderbird to 1.5 [1]
- Remove thunderbird-devel
- Remove thunderbird from supported geckos for 4.x

Release notes:
Original commit
Sunday, 28 Aug 2005
08:00 mezz search for other commits by this committer
- Repo copy a lot of changes from www/firefox/Makefile. The best part is that
  before it would install in the strange place like this.


  Now it will install in the correct place like firefox:


  Also, get *.pc and idl files install.
- Didn't copy following from www/firefox/Makefile:
        * plugins stuff, because it's known cause the stability problem like
        * EXTRA_SCRIPTS=${PORTNAME}.rb, thunderbird doesn't need it.
- Make portlint happier.
- Add Java 5 plugins support. [1]
- Use system's libm (/usr/src/lib/msun), nss, nspr and etc. Also, do
  not extract those. Better explain, use external dependencies. [1]
- Teach firefox-config and *.pc files for nspr that will making other
  third apps to buildable like epiphany, vlc-devel's mozilla plugins
  and etc. Have been tested with full GNOME 2.11.x build too.
- Add four patches: [1]


                Fix the FreeBSD define

                64-bit wide pthread_t

                Setting a possibly uninitialized variable (value).

- Fix a crash that can occur using gtk+-2.7 and possibly 2.6.10 when closing
  windows. [2]
- Get rid of FIREFOX and FF_VER, best to use PORTNAME and PORTVERSION
  varibles that are arleady exist and lesser complicate.
- Change all hardcore of 'thunderbird' to PORTNAME.
- Change a manual loop for patch all.js to find(1), so we can sleep
  on it.

Submitted by:   mi [1], marcus [2]
Reviewed by:    my team, FreeBSD GNOME Team.
Original commit

Number of commits found: 2