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Tuesday, 29 Nov 2005
21:12 ahze search for other commits by this committer
- Update firefox to 1.5
- Add Makefile.common
  o A new build/install system for gecko ports, Makefile.common
    includes many generic routines and common tasks.
  o Fix ld-run-path in all gecko's by using -Wl,-rpath,${moz_libdir}
    thus removing the need to have a startup script for ports that
    depend on gecko. [2]
  o Use system libm, nss, nspr in all gecko ports

- Add
  o This is the predecessor to WITH_MOZILLA=[mozilla|firefox|...]
    with a more robust way of detecting a gecko a end user wishs to
  o abstracts the selection of gecko-based backends. It
    allows users and porters to support any available gecko backend
    without needing to build many conditional tests. ${USE_GECKO} is the
    list of backends that your port can handle, and ${GECKO} is set by to be the chosen backend. Users set ${WITH_GECKO} to the
    list of gecko backends they want on their system.

  Port Makefile example:

  USE_GECKO=firefox mozilla seamonkey thunderbird
  .include <>
  .include "${.CURDIR}/../../www/mozilla/"

  End user example:
  WITH_GECKO=seamonkey firefox

  We highly recommend moving away from using WITH_MOZILLA and switching to

PR:             89052 [2]
Submitted by:   vs [2]
Obtained from:  www/firefox
Thanks to:      adamw, marcus, and mezz for ideas, bug squashing, and more
                sajd from for
                 pointing out many bugs
Original commit
Sunday, 28 Aug 2005
08:00 mezz search for other commits by this committer
- Repo copy a lot of changes from www/firefox/Makefile. The best part is that
  before it would install in the strange place like this.


  Now it will install in the correct place like firefox:


  Also, get *.pc and idl files install.
- Didn't copy following from www/firefox/Makefile:
        * plugins stuff, because it's known cause the stability problem like
        * EXTRA_SCRIPTS=${PORTNAME}.rb, thunderbird doesn't need it.
- Make portlint happier.
- Add Java 5 plugins support. [1]
- Use system's libm (/usr/src/lib/msun), nss, nspr and etc. Also, do
  not extract those. Better explain, use external dependencies. [1]
- Teach firefox-config and *.pc files for nspr that will making other
  third apps to buildable like epiphany, vlc-devel's mozilla plugins
  and etc. Have been tested with full GNOME 2.11.x build too.
- Add four patches: [1]


                Fix the FreeBSD define

                64-bit wide pthread_t

                Setting a possibly uninitialized variable (value).

- Fix a crash that can occur using gtk+-2.7 and possibly 2.6.10 when closing
  windows. [2]
- Get rid of FIREFOX and FF_VER, best to use PORTNAME and PORTVERSION
  varibles that are arleady exist and lesser complicate.
- Change all hardcore of 'thunderbird' to PORTNAME.
- Change a manual loop for patch all.js to find(1), so we can sleep
  on it.

Submitted by:   mi [1], marcus [2]
Reviewed by:    my team, FreeBSD GNOME Team.
Original commit
Thursday, 14 Apr 2005
00:29 ahze search for other commits by this committer
- Remove mng support, it has never worked
Original commit
Thursday, 10 Mar 2005
00:43 marcus search for other commits by this committer
Update freetype2 to 2.1.9, and patch Mozilla and friends accordingly.
Note: since 2.1.9 is ABI compatible with 2.1.7, no recompilation is

PR:             78385
Submitted by:   lesi
Original commit
Tuesday, 28 Dec 2004
00:51 ahze search for other commits by this committer
- Remove WITH_NEW_ICON knob
- Mozilla license team has approved the FreeBSD Gnome team to
  use official branding for firefox and thunderbird [1]
  o Add  --enable-official-branding to mozconfig
  o Install official thunderbird/firefox icon as default.xpm icon
- Fix error when running firefox/thunderbird -v [2]

References: [1] [1]
PR:             ports/75262 [2]
Submitted by:   girgen [2]
Original commit
Sunday, 7 Nov 2004
23:29 marcus search for other commits by this committer
* Fix Movemail and RSS support
* Install a GNOME desktop icon [1]
* Correct installation when root's shell is non-standard (e.g.
  /usr/local/bin/bash) [2]

Submitted by:   ahze [1]
                Clemens Fischer <> [2]
Original commit
Monday, 11 Oct 2004
23:45 marcus search for other commits by this committer
* Update to 0.8
* Now that the fake installation code from Firefox has stabilized, adapt it
  here to eliminate the need for a static plist

See for all the juicy
goodies in 0.8.
Original commit
Thursday, 24 Jun 2004
18:15 marcus search for other commits by this committer
Update to 0.7.  A list of what's new can be found at

This has the same limitation that Firefox 0.9 had where it needs to be run as
root first. I applied the same hacks to workaround that; however, some users
may need to run thunderbird twice before it starts correctly.
Original commit
Friday, 5 Mar 2004
07:16 marcus search for other commits by this committer
If building with debugging, don't enable binary stripping.
Original commit
Saturday, 28 Feb 2004
01:14 marcus search for other commits by this committer
* Update to 0.5
* Fix a potential hang with esound
* Fix some potential pthread issues
* Add more platform compatibility patches
* Fix libiconv support
* Pull in some patches from firefox to shorten the plist some

Special thanks to ale for getting a clean source tarball and hosting it.  For
the details on what's new in the release, please see:
Original commit

Number of commits found: 10