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non port: mail/qmail/files/extra-patch-spamcontrol-qmail-remote.c

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Friday, 27 Jun 2014
02:33 bdrewery search for other commits by this committer
mail/qmail-spamcontrol: Update to 2.7.31

TLSREMOTE, NEWLINE, and BIGTODO are now mandatory upstream and have been
removed as options.

MOREIPME was removed upstream.


  CHANGES (2.6 -> 2.7)

  +) ucspi-ssl (> 0.8) mandatory.
  +) Added CRAM-MD5 support for qmail-remote.
  +) Added qmail-smtpam PAM for Recipients extension.
  +) Added sender-domain based TLS settings for qmail-remote.
  :) Changed qmail-remote's 'tlspeerhosts' to' tlsdestinations'.
  -) Removed moreip and notipme feature.
  :) REQUIREAUTH has been collapsed into SMTPAUTH with leading "!",
  :) SMTPAUTH has been enhanced to support: "!" Required; "-" Off.
  :) SMTPAUTH cram-md5 annoucement has to be prefixed with a '+':
     SMTPAUTH='+cram' (to allow future additional AUTH mechanisms).
  :) UCSPITLS has been enhanced to support: "!" Required "-" Off.
  +) Added logging for qmail-popup.
  +) Added CAPA support for qmail-popup/qmail-pop3d.
  :) Unified qmail-smtpd and qmail-popup logging.
  +) SPF and RBLSMTPD hook to display info in Received header.
  +) LOCALMFCHECK='=' requiring 'Mail From:' = 'TCPREMOTEINFO'.

  !) Bigtodo is default now.
  !) Maximum silent concurrency increased to 500.
  #) Aligend with recipients-0.7.2.
  #) Aligned with smtp-authentication 0.7.6.
  %) qmail-smtpd logging and reply messages 'off-shored'.
  ?) qmail-smtpd tls vulnerability VU#555316 fixed.
  ?) qmail-smtpd DNS lookup failures don't result in dropped
     connections anymore.
  %) qmail-remote evalutes in addition Alternative Subject for TLS host
  %) Complete FreeBSD AMD64 support (conf-cc, conf-ld, conf-spamcontrol).
  #) Aligned with mav 0.20.
  +) Added partial clang support.


  +) Added SMTP Authentication based on smtproutes/destination.
  #) Aligned with SMTP Authentication 0.8.0.
  -) Removed obsolete SUBMISSION environment variable and special treatement.
  :) Enhanced badmailfrom with new qualifier '~' for extended addresses
     to filter mismatched domain names.
  +) Added *.3 man pages in setup (dirs were missing before).
  ;) SPF Hook working now.
Original commitRevision:359437 
Monday, 20 Sep 2010
13:35 garga search for other commits by this committer
When server announce auth as "PLAIN LOGIN" instead of the common inverse order
"LOGIN PLAIN" make sure qmail-remote can authenticate.
Original commit

Number of commits found: 2