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non port: mail/opensmtpd/files/

Number of commits found: 5

Saturday, 26 Oct 2019
16:24 fluffy search for other commits by this committer
- Update OpenSMTPd to 6.6.0 portable release
    This release builds with LibreSSL > 3.0.2 or OpenSSL > 1.1.0.
    FreeBSD 11.x users should update to 12.x/13.x or switch system-wide
    default ssl library to openssl111/libressl

- Update -extras to 6.4.0 release
    Filters still missing, corresponded ports temporary markes
    as IGNORED

PR:		213442,228937
MFH:		2019Q4
Original commitRevision:515714 
Tuesday, 13 Aug 2019
22:29 mat search for other commits by this committer
onvert to UCL & cleanup pkg-message (categories l-m)
Original commitRevision:508882 
Thursday, 26 May 2016
07:15 brnrd search for other commits by this committer
mail/opensmtpd: Update to 5.9.2

  - Update to 5.9.2p1
  - Remove usernamelen patch (default 255+1)
  - Fix renamed configure args
  - Add symlink for makemap (now included in smtpctl)
  - Align versioning with other OpenBSD projects
  - Add _smtpq group
  - Add UPDATING entry for existing installs
  - Update pkg-message for existing installs

Reviewed by:	adamw, mat
Approved by:	adamw, maintainer (implicit)
Differential Revision: D6421
Original commitRevision:415877 
Thursday, 19 May 2016
11:09 amdmi3 search for other commits by this committer
- Fix trailing whitespace in pkg-messages

Approved by:	portmgr blanket
Original commitRevision:415503 
Wednesday, 27 Mar 2013
14:58 ashish search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 5.3p1
- Add additional USERS for privilege separation
- Add instructions for fixing permissions in pkg-message
- Add a note about privilege separation to UPDATING file

Original commitRevision:315389 

Number of commits found: 5