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non port: mail/fetchmail/files/patch-configure

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Monday, 18 Jul 2022
20:06 Matthias Andree (mandree) search for other commits by this committer
mail/fetchmail: update to 6.4.31.

Since the distro was built with a newer autoconf, the patch-configure
no longer applies and has been converted to a post-patch REINPLACE_CMD,
also to avoid future breakage.

This also adds one upstream Git patch to fix the version and date tags
in the manual page.

PR:		265251
Approved by:	Corey Halpin (maintainer)
commit hash: 64c438d3f9faf69d93a8437022c322c602d30835 commit hash: 64c438d3f9faf69d93a8437022c322c602d30835 commit hash: 64c438d3f9faf69d93a8437022c322c602d30835 commit hash: 64c438d3f9faf69d93a8437022c322c602d30835 64c438d
Saturday, 22 Feb 2020
18:24 glewis search for other commits by this committer
Fix the build with the latest krb5 port

PR:		244228
Submitted by:	Corey Halpin <> (maintainer)
Original commitRevision:526846 
Saturday, 28 Sep 2019
21:29 mandree search for other commits by this committer
mail/fetchmail: update to 6.4.1.

Release notes:

While here, remove fetchmail64 port, now no longer needed.

PR:		240908
Submitted by: (maintainer)
Original commitRevision:513169 
Sunday, 20 Jan 2019
11:25 mandree search for other commits by this committer
mail/fetchmail depends overhaul, new fetchmailconf port

* Bring back SNI (server name indication) support for TLS connections,
  lost in 6.3.26_10 (PORTREVISION=10) as a regression over _9.
  Pointy hat: mandree@
* Drop the X11 option, remove the Python dependency, and create a new
  mail/fetchmailconf slave port/package that installs the fetchmailconf
  configurator. Note that the _DEPENDS of the ports reflects a technical
  dependence (fetchmailconf needs fetchmail), and we cannot keep an
  X11 option that depends on fetchmailconf, since that would create
  a circular dependency, which we must avoid.
* Patch configure instead of with Cy's Kerberos fix, drop
  autoreconf from USES, and add a new configure check directly to set
  HAVE_DECL_SSLV3_CLIENT_METHOD to cover the various TLS providers
  (currently five, base, openssl, openssl111, libressl, libressl-devel)
* Add -Wl,--as-needed to LDFLAGS so as not to pull in unneeded .so
  libraries, for instance, libcom_err when compiling under GSSAPI_NONE.

Very fruitful and nice collaboration with and
Approved by: (maintainer)
Original commitRevision:490780 
Friday, 11 Jan 2019
06:36 mandree search for other commits by this committer
Fix GSSAPI-based, and NLS-less, builds.

This was also tested on a live 12.0 amd64 machine,
11.2-arm64 and 11.2-i386 poudriere boxes with base GSSAPI.

PR:		234740
Reported by:	Peter Putzer (Bugzilla), Alex V. Petrov (e-mail)
Approved by:	Corey Halpin (maintainer)
Original commitRevision:489947 
Saturday, 28 Apr 2018
17:49 cy search for other commits by this committer
Correctly link to MIT KRB5 libraries when selected.

This was discovered while working through issues relating to an
exp-run using base with private Heimdal, part of the project to
make a) Heimdal in base private and b) import MIT into base (PR 222745).

PR:		227680
Submitted by:	cy@
Approved by:	Corey Halpin <> (maintainer)
MFH:		2018Q2
Original commitRevision:468557 
Monday, 25 Oct 2010
07:15 mandree search for other commits by this committer
Update to new upstream release 6.3.18.

Approved by: Corey Halpin (maintainer)
PR: ports/151686
Original commit
Sunday, 23 May 2010
14:40 sylvio search for other commits by this committer
- Fix when run fetchmail with apop access.

PR:             ports/146002
Submitted by:
Approved by:    maintainer (timeout > 14days)
Original commit
Friday, 12 Feb 2010
09:54 mandree search for other commits by this committer
Update to new upstream release 6.3.14. Changes:

* SSL/TLS certificate information is now also reported properly on computers
  that consider the "char" type signed. Fixes malloc() buffer overrun.
  Workaround for older versions: do not use verbose mode.  CVE-2010-0562
  See fetchmail-SA-2010-01.txt for details, including a minimal patch.

* The IMAP client no longer skips messages from several IMAP servers including
  Dovecot if fetchmail's "idle" is in use.  Causes were that fetchmail (a)
  ignored some untagged responses when it should not (b) relied on EXISTS
  messages in response to EXPUNGE, which aren't mandated by RFC-3501 (the IMAP
  standard) and aren't sent by Dovecot either.
    Fix by Sunil Shetye (the fix also consolidates IMAP response handling,
  improving overall robustness of the IMAP client), bug report and testing by
  Matt Doran, with further hints from Timo Sirainen.
* The SMTP client now recovers from errors (such as servers dropping the
  connection after errors) when sending an RSET command.
    Fix by Sunil Shetye. Report by James Moe.
* The IMAP client now uses "SEARCH UNSEEN" rather than "SEARCH UNSEEN NOT
  DELETED" again on IMAP2, to fix a regression in fetchmail 6.2.5 reported by
  Will Stringer in June 2004. (Sunil Shetye)
* The IMAP client now uses "SEARCH UNSEEN UNDELETED" on IMAP4 and IMAP4r1
  servers (Sunil Shetye).
* Workaround: The IMAP client now falls back to "FETCH n:m FLAGS" if the server
  does not support "SEARCH". (Sunil Shetye)
* The IMAP client now requests message numbers in batches of 1,000 to avoid
  problems if there are more than 1860 unseen messages. (Sunil Shetye)
    Note that this wasn't security relevant because fetchmail would only read up
  to the maximum buffer size and leave the remainder of the string unread, going
  out of synch afterwards.
* Stricter validation of IMAP responses containing byte or message counts.

* Only include gssapi.h if we're not including gssapi/gssapi.h, to fix a FreeBSD
  compiler warning about gssapi.h being obsolete.

* The README.SSL document was revised for grammar, spelling, and clarity.
  Courtesy of Robert Mullin.

* [it]    Italian, by Vincenzo Campanella

Approved by:    Corey Halpin (port maintainer)
Approved by:    miwi@ (mentor)
Original commit
Wednesday, 4 Nov 2009
10:47 miwi search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 6.3.13 (updates translations and supports SMTP multiline replies)
- Remove Kerberos IV support, insecure and obsolete
- Mark BROKEN if KRB5_HOME is set and invalid
- Kill pre-configure, no longer needed
- Kill obsolete POP2 from make config menu, still available if given on make
  command line
- Auto-detect KRB5_HOME if it's $LOCALBASE or /usr
- Cease messing with @cwd in pkg-plist
- Reduce asterisks on, to avoid screen clutter on long $PREFIX
  Rely on krb-config instead.

PR:             140100
Submitted by:   Matthias Andree <>
Approved by:    maintainer
Original commit
Saturday, 10 Dec 2005
16:09 barner search for other commits by this committer
- Remove obsolete --enable-inet6 configure argument [1]
- Don't try to enable Kerberos IV and V at the same time [1]
- Add WITH_NTLM knob. Inform port user about other knobs
- Correct man page patch [1]
- Fix default OpenSSL certificate path [1] [2]
- Fix plist [1] [3]

Submitted by:   Matthias Andree <> [1]
Reported by:    Dieter Rauschenberger <> [2]
PR:             ports/90084 [2]
Reported by:    kris via pointyhat [3]
Original commit
Tuesday, 6 Dec 2005
21:07 barner search for other commits by this committer
- Update to fetchmail 6.3.0
- From the announcement:

  fetchmail 6.3.0 has been released on 2005-11-30. More than two years
  after the previous formal 6.2.5 release, this collects several dozen
  bug fixes, documentation, portability and IPv6 improvements and marks
  the beginning of a new "stable" 6.3.X branch that will not change,
  except for bug fixes and documentation updates.

- files/patch-pop2.c contributed by Stanislav Brabec <>
  via Matthias Andree <> (upstream maintainer)
Original commit
Thursday, 28 Jul 2005
13:41 barner search for other commits by this committer
Fix Kerberos {IV, V} detection.
Original commit
Thursday, 31 Oct 2002
14:54 naddy search for other commits by this committer
This port update fixes the pkg-plist to include the new localizations so they
are included in the package, and it contains many upstream bugfixes, installs
the NEWS documentation file. These are the upstream fixes:

* OTP fix patches from Stanislav Brabec <>
* fix patch for writing antispam capability correctly in conf.c.
* Fix patches for Debian bugs #162571, #156592.
* Correction to manpage re -b and qmail.
* Patch to disable use of STLS if auth passwd is specified.
* Fix specfile generation to handle SSL correctly.
* New Danish, Turkish, and Catalan translation files.
* Improved ODMR debug messages.
* IMAP efficiency hack; don't fetch sizes unless needed.
* Detect and rewrite invalid return paths beginning with @.
* Fix for subtle freeing bug that suppressed information in some bounce msgs.
* Newline fix patches for internationalization files.
* Fix reversed test guarding authentication-failure warnings.
* Fix POP3 breakage starting at 5.9.14.

PR:             44330
Submitted by:   Matthias Andree <>
Original commit
Tuesday, 24 Apr 2001
07:24 roam search for other commits by this committer
Update to 5.8.1 with lots of bugfixes.  Remove the substitution of  
/usr/bin/true for autoconf and friends - the fetchmail build system   does the
right thing now.    
Original commit
Tuesday, 27 Mar 2001
08:38 sobomax search for other commits by this committer
Unbroke on the systems with crypto from ssl port.    
Original commit
Tuesday, 20 Mar 2001
11:04 sobomax search for other commits by this committer
Try harder to prevent build process from unnecessarily invoking autoheader,  
autoconf, automake and aclocal.    
Original commit

Number of commits found: 17