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non port: mail/fetchmail/files/patch-ZZZ-841f6af0d1a820c5bb4379e72799d95b5a3ef77d.diff

Number of commits found: 2

Sun, 28 Aug 2022
[ 06:29 Matthias Andree (mandree) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:e5026dcbab91937fa36335beb0cec72805bac15b  commit hash:e5026dcbab91937fa36335beb0cec72805bac15b  commit hash:e5026dcbab91937fa36335beb0cec72805bac15b  e5026dcb 
mail/fetchmail: update to 6.4.33

Contributed code updates:
* contrib/fetchsetup improvements by Matěj Cepl
* contrib/runfetchmail improvements by Matěj Cepl

Translation updates:
(in alphabetical order of language codes so as not to prefer people):
* cs:    Petr Pisar [Czech]
* es:    Cristian Othón Martínez Vera [Spanish]
* fr:    Frédéric Marchal [French]
* ja:    Takeshi Hamasaki [Japanese]
* pl:    Jakub Bogusz [Polish]
* ro:    Remus-Gabriel Chelu [Romanian]
* sq:    Besnik Bleta [Albanian]
* sv:    Göran Uddeborg [Swedish]

PR:		266061
Approved by:	Corey Halpin (maintainer)
Mon, 18 Jul 2022
[ 20:06 Matthias Andree (mandree) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:64c438d3f9faf69d93a8437022c322c602d30835  commit hash:64c438d3f9faf69d93a8437022c322c602d30835  commit hash:64c438d3f9faf69d93a8437022c322c602d30835  64c438d 
mail/fetchmail: update to 6.4.31.

Since the distro was built with a newer autoconf, the patch-configure
no longer applies and has been converted to a post-patch REINPLACE_CMD,
also to avoid future breakage.

This also adds one upstream Git patch to fix the version and date tags
in the manual page.

PR:		265251
Approved by:	Corey Halpin (maintainer)

Number of commits found: 2