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non port: lang/pypy/

Number of commits found: 15

Saturday, 26 Jun 2021
10:57 Rene Ladan (rene) search for other commits by this committer
*/*: Remove expired ports:

2020-12-31 lang/pypy3: Uses Python 2.7 which is EOLed upstream
2020-12-31 lang/pypy: Uses Python 2.7 which is EOLed upstream
2021-06-23 databases/pypy-gdbm: Uses EOL Python 2.7 via lang/pypy
2021-06-23 databases/pypy-sqlite3: Uses EOL Python 2.7 via lang/pypy
2021-06-23 x11-toolkits/pypy-tkinter: Uses EOL Python 2.7 via lang/pypy
commit hash: 5e1a89f37052232dfbbf8d53d9812e170ef0a2c4 commit hash: 5e1a89f37052232dfbbf8d53d9812e170ef0a2c4 commit hash: 5e1a89f37052232dfbbf8d53d9812e170ef0a2c4 commit hash: 5e1a89f37052232dfbbf8d53d9812e170ef0a2c4 5e1a89f
Tuesday, 6 Apr 2021
14:31 Mathieu Arnold (mat) search for other commits by this committer
all: Remove all other $FreeBSD keywords.
commit hash: 135fdeebb99c3569e42d8162b265e15d29bd937d commit hash: 135fdeebb99c3569e42d8162b265e15d29bd937d commit hash: 135fdeebb99c3569e42d8162b265e15d29bd937d commit hash: 135fdeebb99c3569e42d8162b265e15d29bd937d 135fdee
Saturday, 4 Jul 2020
18:11 zeising search for other commits by this committer
Chanse update of devel/libffi

Chase the devel/libffi update
Bump portrevision of all dependent ports to chace shard library version bump
in libffi.
Update LIB_DEPENDS lines where needed to not require a specific version of

PR:		247028 (for tracking)
Original commitRevision:541232 
Tuesday, 14 Apr 2020
14:02 kevans search for other commits by this committer
lang/pypy{,3}: Update to 7.3.0

 * Reorder some variables (pet portlint)
 * Use ${LOCALBASE} instead of /usr/local (pet portlint)
 * Remove files/patch-rpython_rlib_rvmprof_src_shared_vmprof__unix.h
     (upstreamed) [1]
 * Remove files/ (upstreamed) [2]
 * Add files/ to fix ncurses detection
 * Add files/ to avoid creating a
     useless empty directory which would also depend on WRKDIR



 * portlint: OK (no new issues, fix some easy ones, rest for later cleanup)
 * testport: OK (poudriere: 12.1-R, amd64/i386, default options tested)
 * reverse dependencies build OK

PR:		245124
Submitted by:	nimaje+fbz
Approved by:	koobs (mentor)
Approved by:	python (koobs)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:531691 
Saturday, 28 Jul 2018
05:26 farrokhi search for other commits by this committer
lang/pypy and lang/pypy3: Fix rvmprof build on FreeBSD

Originally pypy did not build on FreeBSD due to build failure in rvmprof. In
order to build it on FreeBSD (and OpenBSD) you have to disable rvmprof during
build process. This is what a previous patch [1][2] did to enable building on

This is a patch obtained from upstream [3] that actually solves the rvmprof
build problem which enables building pypy/pypy3 on FreeBSD with rvmprof enabled.


Reviewed by:	koobs, miwi, dbn
Approved by:	miwi, dbn
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:475489 
Friday, 6 Jul 2018
07:15 farrokhi search for other commits by this committer
lang/pypy: Update to 6.0.0

Reviewed by:	miwi
Approved by:	miwi
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:473994 
Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018
03:56 dbn search for other commits by this committer
lang/pypy3: update to 5.10.1

 - DISTINFO now needs to be specified based on PYTHON_IMPL
 - Change log:
   - Fix an overflow in converting int secs to nanosecs (issue 2717 )
   - Using kwarg 'flag' to os.setxattr had no effect
   - Fix issue 2718 for the REPL
Original commitRevision:459150 
Wednesday, 3 Jan 2018
18:42 dbn search for other commits by this committer
lang/pypy(3): update to 5.10, add flavors to ancillary ports

 - Consistently use DISTVERSION instead of PORTVERSION (the former is set, not
the latter)
 - Only depend on libunwind on x86 arch with FreeBSD >= 11 (fixes ignored build
on arm/ppc)
 - Fix python dependency with depreciation of python meta ports
 - Remove PYPY_BITS from pkg-plist target, no longer used
 - Remove setting of PORTVERSION, DISTVERSION is set in
   - Define DISTVERSION once, to ensure consistency
   - PYPY_DIR: Handle versions with multiple digits
   - PYPY_CFFI_VER now differs in value between pypy and pypy3
   - Add FLAVORS for pypy and pypy3 [1]
   - Consistently use PYTHON_IMPL instead of the hard coded "pypy"
   - PLIST_FILES: use direct substitution instead of PLIST_SUB

Approved by:		portmgr (mat) [1]
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:457998 
Thursday, 4 May 2017
19:08 dbn search for other commits by this committer unbreak building of cffi ports

To fix conflicting of pypy and pypy3 the PYPY_DIR value was set using
${PORTNAME}, however the same codepath is used for cffi ports who's
${PORTNAME} is not pypy or pypy3.

Fix this by using an intermediate PYTHON_IMPL variable that is conditionally
set to ${PORTNAME} and explicitly set to 'pypy' for cffi ports.

Reported by:	pkg-fallout
Original commitRevision:440114 
Monday, 1 May 2017
18:00 dbn search for other commits by this committer
lang/pypy3: un-conflict with pypy

 - ensure pypy3's directory under $PREFIX is unique to pypy's.
 - remove swap files from pkg-plist (i.e. revert r439409).

PR:		218838
Reported by:	Yunchih Chen <>
Original commitRevision:439901 
Thursday, 4 Aug 2016
08:43 dbn search for other commits by this committer
lang/pypy3: update to 5.2.0-alpha1

Changes to lang/pypy3:
 - "Rename" from pypy3-devel (functionaly it is a rename, technically pypy3
   is a new port and pypy3-devel is deleted).
 - Make lang/pypy3 a slave port of lang/pypy

Changes to lang/pypy:
 - Use DISTVERSION instead of PORTVERSION (lang/pypy3 is not
 - Change PYPY_CFFI_VER to include the 'pypy-' prefix (lang/pypy3 has
   'pypy3-' as a prefix)
 - Only make PYPY_MINMEM the default is ${LOCALBASE}/lang/pypy exists
 - Fix build depends for PYPY_MINMEM
 - Allow slave port to have custom patch directory
 - Remove conflicts (pypy does not conflict with pypy3)
 - Allow slave port to override the packaging argument (lang/pypy3 has a
   different syntax to exclude gdbm)
 - Add ssl as a dependency (pypy picks up Port's openssl if it is installed)
 - Strip all .so files in lib_pypy
 - Fix where spaces were used instead of tabs
 - Use PORTSNAME for binary name (fixes linking to pypy3).

Change Log:
 - Python 3.3.5 support
 - Missing features include space efficient strings (PEP 393)
 - Known issues, including performance
 - ensurepip included (only in CPython 3.4+)
Original commitRevision:419600 
Thursday, 21 Jul 2016
06:02 dbn search for other commits by this committer
lang/pypy: update to 5.3.1.

 - Fix LICENSE for databases/pypy-gdbm (GPLv2+).
 - Add support for a slave port (i.e. the upcoming pypy3):
   - Allow select variables to be overridden by slave port.
   - Allow slave port to have its own distinfo and pkg-plist files.
   - Depend on lang/pypy if translating with PYPY or PYPY_MINMEM options.
 - Strip bundled cffi .so files.

 - Highlighted changes
   - Major improvements in the C-API compatibility layer
   - Complete support for lxml
   - Passing 95%+ of numpy's test suite
   - Scipy and matplotlib builds and runs
   - cffi updated to 1.7
 - New features:
   - Merge a major expansion of the C-API support in cpyext, also expand cpyext
     tests to allow running them after translation as well as untranslated
   - Instead of ?GIL not held when a CPython C extension module calls PyXxx?, we
     now silently acquire/release the GIL. Helps with C extension modules that
     call some PyXxx() functions without holding the GIL (arguably, they are
     theoretically buggy).
   - Support command line -v to trace import statements
   - Revive traceviewer, a tool to use pygame to view traces
 - Numpy via our internal _numpypy module:
   - Implement ufunc.outer
   - Move PyPy-specific numpypy headers to a subdirectory (also changed the repo
 - Performance improvements:
   - Use bitstrings to compress lists of descriptors that are attached to an
   - Remove most of the _ovf, _zer and _val operations from RPython. Kills quite
     some code internally, and allows the JIT to do better optimizations: for
     example, app-level code like x / 2 or x % 2 can now be turned into x >> 1
     or x & 1, even if x is possibly negative.
   - Rework the way registers are moved/spilled in before_call()
 - Internal refactorings:
   - Refactor code to better support Python3-compatible syntax
   - Reduce the size of generated C sources during translation by eliminating
     many many unused struct declarations (Issue #2281)
   - Reduce the size of generated code by using the same function objects in all
     generated subclasses
   - Share cpyext Py* function wrappers according to the signature, shrinking
     the translated by about 10% (without the JIT)
Original commitRevision:418864 
Sunday, 13 Mar 2016
18:58 dbn search for other commits by this committer
lang/pypy: update to 5.0.0

 - Drop local mirror
 - Drop DIST_SUBDIR (distfile name no longer a generic "release-x.y.z.tar.bz2".
 - Add test dependencies (all sub-ports, a la gdbm, sqlite and tkinter)
 - Use gmake instead of using sed to transform the Makefile
 - Use options helper variables
 - Rename regression-test -> do-test

ChangeLog (see
- Faster and leaner: improved JIT warmed (up to 30% faster) and improved memory
  consumption (dropped by about 30%).
- C-API Upgrade: cpyext is much faster and lxml now passes all tests when
  using cython compiled components.
- CFFI: ships with cffi-1.5.2.
Original commitRevision:411015 
Wednesday, 9 Dec 2015
06:57 dbn search for other commits by this committer
lang/pypy: update to 4.0.1

 - Remove plist-sub PYPY_BITS

Change Log:
 - Highlighted features:
   - Update cffi to 1.3.1.
   - Update Python implementation to 2.7.10.
   - New vectorisation optimisations added to the JIT.  To enable add
     --jit vec=1 (or --jit vec_all=1 for all vectorisation optimisations).
   - Improved JIT warmup time of ~20%.
   - Reduced memory consumption by ~20%.
   - Numpy's ndarray and numeric dtypes are almost feature complete.
   - Numpy's linalg, random and fft have been implemented as cffi modules using
     the same underlying libraries as upstream.
 - Bug Fixes
   - Fix a bug when unrolling double loops in JITted code
   - Fix multiple memory leaks in the ssl module, one of which affected CPython
     as well (thanks to Alex Gaynor for pointing those out)
   - Use pkg-config to find ssl headers on OS-X
   - Fix a crash on non-linux when running more than 20 threads
   - In cffi, ffi.new_handle() is more cpython compliant
   - Accept unicode in functions inside the _curses cffi backend exactly like
   - Fix a segfault in itertools.islice()
   - Fix ndarray.copy() for upstream compatability when copying non-contiguous
   - Fix assumption that lltype.UniChar is unsigned
   - Fix a subtle bug with stacklets on shadowstack
   - Improve support for the cpython capi in cpyext (our capi compatibility
     layer). Fixing these issues inspired some thought about cpyext in general,
     stay tuned for more improvements
   - When loading dynamic libraries, in case of a certain loading error, retry
     loading the library assuming it is actually a linker script, like on Arch
     and Gentoo
 - New features
   - Internal cleanup of RPython class handling
   - Support stackless and greenlets on PPC machines
   - Improve debug logging in subprocesses: use PYPYLOG=jit:log.%d for example
     to have all subprocesses write the JIT log to a file called ?log.%d?, with
     ?%d? replaced with the subprocess? PID.
   - Support PyOS_double_to_string in our cpyext capi compatibility layer
   - Add an optimization pass to vectorize loops using x86 SIMD intrinsics.
   - Support __stdcall on Windows in CFFI
   - Improve debug logging when using PYPYLOG=???
   - Deal with platforms with no RAND_egd() in OpenSSL
 - Numpy
   - Improve support for __array_interface__
   - Propagate most NAN mantissas through float16-float32-float64 conversions
   - Add support for ndarray.ctypes
   - Fast path for mixing numpy scalars and floats
   - Add support for creating Fortran-ordered ndarrays
   - Fix casting failures in linalg (by extending ufunc casting)
   - Recognize and disallow (for now) pickling of ndarrays with objects embedded
     in them
 - Performance improvements and refactorings
   - Improvements in slicing byte arrays
   - Improvements in enumerate()
   - Silence some warnings while translating
   - Reuse hashed keys across dictionaries and sets
   - Refactor JIT interals to improve warmup time by 20% or so at the cost of a
     minor regression in JIT speed
   - Recognize patterns of common sequences in the JIT backends and optimize
   - Make the garbage collecter more incremental over external_malloc() calls
   - Share guard resume data where possible which reduces memory usage
   - Fast path for zip(list, list)
   - Reduce the number of checks in the JIT for lst[a:]
   - Move the non-optimizable part of callbacks outside the JIT
   - Factor in field immutability when invalidating heap information
   - Unroll itertools.izip_longest() with two sequences
   - Minor optimizations after analyzing output from vmprof and trace logs
   - Remove many class attributes in rpython classes
   - Handle getfield_gc_pure* and getfield_gc_* uniformly in
   - Improve simple trace function performance by lazily calling fast2locals and
     locals2fast only if truly necessary

Submitted by:	robak@
PR:		204743 (with modification)
Original commitRevision:403361 
Monday, 31 Aug 2015
19:38 dbn search for other commits by this committer
lang/pypy: update to 2.6.1

 - Add external cffi ports (a la python):
   - databases/pypy-gdbm
   - databases/pypy-sqlite3
   - x11-toolkits/pypy-tkinter
 - Add for consistency between pypy ports.
 - Add for consistency with external cffi ports.
 - Switch back to using $PREFIX/pypy-X.Y (the '-' separator is required to
   differentiate between lang/pypy and lang/pypy3)
 - Remove all patches (upstreamed, see announcement below)

 - Bug Fixes
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Original commitRevision:395726 

Number of commits found: 15