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non port: lang/go14/files/patch-syscall

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Tuesday, 21 Mar 2017
16:38 glebius search for other commits by this committer
Add two patches to lang/go14.

- patch-syscall

  Use SYSCALL assembly instead of INT 0x80 for syscalls on amd64.
  Using INT 0x80 as syscall gate on amd64 is an accidential and
  undocumented feature of COMPAT_FREEBSD32. It allows to use 64-bit
  ABI, but run syscalls through i386 gate.
  Go used this "feature" to workaround a bug in FreeBSD 8, which is no
  longer relevant.
  The patch is exact e9ce76b0eca8fa95dddb90b0a72aadab58de2ffc from go
  Now lang/go14 doesn't need COMPAT_FREEBSD32 to build and run.

- patch-pipe2

  The pipe2 syscall is present in all supported versions of FreeBSD,
  but pipe was removed from FreeBSD 11. With the patch go14 can be
  built and run on a system without COMPAT_FREEBSD10.

Reviewed by:	jlaffaye
Original commitRevision:436616 

Number of commits found: 1