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Port details
ko.TeX Korean TeX macro and utilities korean on this many watch lists=0 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port View this port on Repology. pkg-fallout Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch.
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Port Added: 2008-06-14 08:43:58
Last Update: 2022-12-19 14:44:58
Commit Hash: 721e577
Also Listed In: print
License: not specified in port
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pkg-plist: as obtained via: make generate-plist
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  1. bin/
  2. bin/hbibtex
  3. bin/hmakeindex
  4. bin/
  5. bin/
  6. bin/
  7. bin/
  8. bin/
  9. share/doc/ko.TeX/ChangLog
  10. share/doc/ko.TeX/INSTALL
  11. share/doc/ko.TeX/LICENSE
  12. share/doc/ko.TeX/VERSION
  13. share/doc/ko.TeX/manifest.txt
  14. share/doc/ko.TeX/news-0.1.0.txt
  15. share/doc/ko.TeX/news-0.1.1.txt
  16. share/texmf-local/bibtex/bst/kotex/euc/halpha.bst
  17. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/COMPILE
  18. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/KS.HAN.tex
  19. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/KS.HAN.u.tex
  20. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/backmatters.tex
  21. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/biblio.tex
  22. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/euc-guide-u.tex
  23. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/fig/allowbreak-dhucs.pdf
  24. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/fig/fntexp.pdf
  25. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/fig/fntnormal.pdf
  26. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/fig/kotexhist.jpg
  27. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/fig/linebreaktest.pdf
  28. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/fig/oblivoirtree.pdf
  29. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/fig/testdhucsallowbreak.pdf
  30. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/generateeucfiles.bat
  31. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/
  32. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/hbname-u.tex
  33. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/kotexguide-k.bib
  34. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/kotexguide.bib
  35. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/kotexguide.sty
  36. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/kotexguide.tex
  37. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/kotexguidebody-utf.tex
  38. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/utf-guide.tex
  39. share/texmf-local/doc/latex/kotex/writinghdoc.tex
  40. share/texmf-local/fonts/sfd/UCS2.sfd
  41. share/texmf-local/fonts/sfd/UKS-UCS2.sfd
  42. share/texmf-local/makeindex/kotex/euc/
  43. share/texmf-local/makeindex/kotex/euc/
  44. share/texmf-local/makeindex/kotex/utf/
  45. share/texmf-local/scripts/kotex/perl/
  46. share/texmf-local/scripts/kotex/perl/
  47. share/texmf-local/scripts/kotex/perl/
  48. share/texmf-local/scripts/kotex/perl/
  49. share/texmf-local/scripts/kotex/perl/
  50. share/texmf-local/scripts/kotex/perl/
  51. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/contrib/hangulfn.sty
  52. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/contrib/hbname-k.tex
  53. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/contrib/hfntk.sty
  54. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/contrib/showhkeys.sty
  55. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/contrib/showhtags.sty
  56. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/contrib/third-party/ganasection.sty
  57. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/contrib/third-party/hitshape.sty
  58. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/contrib/third-party/hlatex-interword.sty
  59. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/contrib/third-party/hsectsty.sty
  60. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/contrib/third-party/hsetspace.sty
  61. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/contrib/third-party/myulem.sty
  62. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/hangul.sty
  63. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/hfont.sty
  64. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/hfont.tex
  65. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/
  66. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/konames-euc.tex
  67. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/kosections-euc.tex
  68. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/euc/kotex-euc.sty
  69. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/kotex.cfg
  70. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/kotex.sty
  71. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/contrib/dhucs-cmap.sty
  72. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/contrib/dhucs-enumerate.sty
  73. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/contrib/dhucs-enumitem.sty
  74. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/contrib/dhucs-gremph.sty
  75. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/contrib/dhucs-interword.sty
  76. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/contrib/dhucs-paralist.sty
  77. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/contrib/dhucs-sectsty.sty
  78. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/contrib/dhucs-setspace.sty
  79. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/contrib/dhucs-trivcj.sty
  80. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/contrib/dhucsfn.sty
  81. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/dhucs.sty
  82. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/
  83. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/hfontspec.default
  84. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/
  85. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/
  86. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/konames-utf.tex
  87. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/kosections-utf.tex
  88. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/lucenc.dfu
  89. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/LUCobat.fd
  90. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/LUCogul.fd
  91. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/dhucs-midkor.sty
  92. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/
  93. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/
  94. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/
  95. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/oldhanyang4e.cmap
  96. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/oldhanyang4f.cmap
  97. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/oldhanyang50.cmap
  98. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/oldhanyang51.cmap
  99. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/oldhanyang52.cmap
  100. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/oldhanyang53.cmap
  101. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/midkor/oldhanyang54.cmap
  102. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/10_5.sty
  103. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/fapapersize.sty
  104. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/hfontsel.sty
  105. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/hfontspec.obut
  106. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/memhangul/memhangul-patch.sty
  107. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/memhangul/memhangul-ucs.sty
  108. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/memhangul/memucs-enumerate.sty
  109. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/memhangul/memucs-gremph.sty
  110. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/memhangul/memucs-interword.sty
  111. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/memhangul/memucs-setspace.sty
  112. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/ob-koreanappendix.sty
  113. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/ob-nokoreanappendix.sty
  114. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/ob-toclof.sty
  115. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/oblivoir/oblivoir.cls
  116. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/tex4ht/dhucs.4ht
  117. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/tex4ht/dhucs.cfg
  118. share/texmf-local/tex/latex/kotex/utf/tex4ht/kosections-utf.4ht
  119. share/texmf-local/tex/plain/kotex/hangulcweb.tex
  120. share/texmf-local/tex/plain/kotex/kotexplain.tex
  121. @exec /usr/local/bin/texhash
  122. @unexec /usr/local/bin/texhash
  123. @owner
  124. @group
  125. @mode
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Dependency lines:
  • ko-ko.TeX>0:korean/ko.TeX
  • hlatex
Conflicts Matches:
There are no Conflicts Matches for this port. This is usually an error.
To install the port:
cd /usr/ports/korean/ko.TeX/ && make install clean
To add the package, run one of these commands:
  • pkg install korean/ko.TeX
  • pkg install ko-ko.TeX
NOTE: If this package has multiple flavors (see below), then use one of them instead of the name specified above.
PKGNAME: ko-ko.TeX
Flavors: there is no flavor information for this port.

Packages (timestamps in pop-ups are UTC):
NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.
Build dependencies:
  1. tex.fmt : print/tex-formats
Runtime dependencies:
  1. : korean/ko.TeX-fonts-base
  2. tex.fmt : print/tex-formats
There are no ports dependent upon this port

Configuration Options:
Options name:
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Number of commits found: 26

Commit History - (may be incomplete: for full details, see links to repositories near top of page)
CommitCreditsLog message
19 Dec 2022 14:44:58
commit hash:721e5776c957ada07a0d148f5fc3e782a251e6dccommit hash:721e5776c957ada07a0d148f5fc3e782a251e6dccommit hash:721e5776c957ada07a0d148f5fc3e782a251e6dccommit hash:721e5776c957ada07a0d148f5fc3e782a251e6dc files touched by this commit
Muhammad Moinur Rahman (bofh) search for other commits by this committer
Mk/** Convert to USES=tex

- Update all the consumers to use USES=tex
- USE_TEX=yes is the old way of writing USES=tex which has been removed
  and replaced in all ports
- Almost all of the USE_TEX features remains unchanged
- Some consumers had the same variables defined both in the mk
  infrastructure and also in the ports which have been removed from the
  ports as those are redundant.

In case any of the consumers are failing to build please make sure that
the nexessary USES=tex is there. Unlike previous USE_TEX=yes will no
longer load the required VARS for tex and related dependencies.

Reviewed by:	portmgr
Approved by:	portmgr (blanket)
07 Sep 2022 21:58:51
commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash:fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4 files touched by this commit
Stefan Eßer (se) search for other commits by this committer
Remove WWW entries moved into port Makefiles

Commit b7f05445c00f has added WWW entries to port Makefiles based on
WWW: lines in pkg-descr files.

This commit removes the WWW: lines of moved-over URLs from these
pkg-descr files.

Approved by:		portmgr (tcberner)
07 Sep 2022 21:10:59
commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash:b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52 files touched by this commit
Stefan Eßer (se) search for other commits by this committer
Add WWW entries to port Makefiles

It has been common practice to have one or more URLs at the end of the
ports' pkg-descr files, one per line and prefixed with "WWW:". These
URLs should point at a project website or other relevant resources.

Access to these URLs required processing of the pkg-descr files, and
they have often become stale over time. If more than one such URL was
present in a pkg-descr file, only the first one was tarnsfered into
the port INDEX, but for many ports only the last line did contain the
port specific URL to further information.

There have been several proposals to make a project URL available as
a macro in the ports' Makefiles, over time.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
20 Jul 2022 14:22:13
commit hash:2d165cffa8eca23bfb9e2e793b182add9e116a72commit hash:2d165cffa8eca23bfb9e2e793b182add9e116a72commit hash:2d165cffa8eca23bfb9e2e793b182add9e116a72commit hash:2d165cffa8eca23bfb9e2e793b182add9e116a72 files touched by this commit
Tobias C. Berner (tcberner) search for other commits by this committer
korean: remove 'Created by' lines

A big Thank You to the original contributors of these ports:

  *  Alexey Dokuchaev <>
  *  Hye-Shik Chang
  *  Hye-Shik Chang <>
  *  Hyogeol Lee <>
  *  Hyogeol, Lee <>
  *  Jie Gao <>
  *  Junho CHOI <>
  *  Ka Ho Ng <>
  *  Oh Junseon <>
  *  Satoshi TAOKA <>

With hat:	portmgr
29 Oct 2021 09:50:18
commit hash:819f25b36d45b8ac5593ec8e6f470d9ad454b08acommit hash:819f25b36d45b8ac5593ec8e6f470d9ad454b08acommit hash:819f25b36d45b8ac5593ec8e6f470d9ad454b08acommit hash:819f25b36d45b8ac5593ec8e6f470d9ad454b08a files touched by this commit
Stefan Eßer (se) search for other commits by this committer
*/*: Remove redundant '-[0-9]*' from CONFLICTS

The conflict checks compare the patterns first against the package
names without version (as reported by "pkg query "%n"), then - if
there was no match - agsinst the full package names including the
version (as reported by "pkg query "%n-%v").

Many CONFLICTS definitions used patterns like "bash-[0-9]*" to filter
for the bash package in any version. But that pattern is functionally
identical with just "bash".

Approved by:	portmgr (blanket)
06 Apr 2021 14:31:07
commit hash:305f148f482daf30dcf728039d03d019f88344ebcommit hash:305f148f482daf30dcf728039d03d019f88344ebcommit hash:305f148f482daf30dcf728039d03d019f88344ebcommit hash:305f148f482daf30dcf728039d03d019f88344eb files touched by this commit
Mathieu Arnold (mat) search for other commits by this committer
Remove # $FreeBSD$ from Makefiles.
13 Jan 2017 16:54:56
Revision:431402Original commit files touched by this commit
mat search for other commits by this committer
Fix ports using PREFIX in their depends instead of LOCALBASE.

With hat:	portmgr
Sponsored by:	Absolight
21 Oct 2016 12:51:41
Revision:424411Original commit files touched by this commit Sanity Test Failure
mat search for other commits by this committer
${RM} already has -f.

PR:		213570
Submitted by:	mat
Exp-run by:	antoine
Sponsored by:	Absolight
19 May 2016 10:44:12
Revision:415499Original commit files touched by this commit
amdmi3 search for other commits by this committer
- Fix trailing whitespace in pkg-descrs, categories [g-n]*

Approved by:	portmgr blanket
01 Apr 2016 14:08:38
Revision:412347Original commit files touched by this commit
mat search for other commits by this committer
Remove ${PORTSDIR}/ from dependencies, categories h, i, j, k, and l.

With hat:	portmgr
Sponsored by:	Absolight
05 Nov 2015 12:36:25
Revision:400848Original commit files touched by this commit
mat search for other commits by this committer
Fix ports that confused the meaning of WRKDIR and WRKSRC.

PR:		204056
Submitted by:	mat
Reviewed by:	bapt
Sponsored by:	Absolight
Differential Revision:
12 Nov 2014 09:15:34
Revision:372486Original commit files touched by this commit
antoine search for other commits by this committer
Cleanup plist
22 Jul 2014 06:29:38
Revision:362518Original commit files touched by this commit
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Do not try to remove directories not created
05 Jul 2014 00:28:04
Revision:360711Original commit files touched by this commit
adamw search for other commits by this committer
Remove NOPORTDOCS and NOPORTEXAMPLES from unstaged ports. Stage a couple while
we're here. Remove any other references to NOPORT*.

Approved by:	portmgr (blanket for modernization)
20 Sep 2013 19:49:59
Revision:327739Original commit files touched by this commit
bapt search for other commits by this committer
Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
11 May 2013 17:58:56
Revision:317899Original commit files touched by this commit
hrs search for other commits by this committer
Rectify USE_TEX to support both of teTeX and TeXLive.

	A knob to choose teTeX or TeXLive.  One can specify in /etc/make.conf.

	A knob for port developers.  Valid keywords are listed in
06 May 2013 02:00:41
Revision:317455Original commit files touched by this commit
hrs search for other commits by this committer
Remove *_DEPENDS from ports which depend on teTeX and add USE_TEX=tetex
instead to make migration to TeXLive easier.
01 Jun 2012 05:26:28
Original commit files touched by this commit
dinoex search for other commits by this committer
- update png to 1.5.10
19 Mar 2011 12:38:54
Original commit files touched by this commit
miwi search for other commits by this committer
- Get Rid MD5 support
28 Mar 2010 06:47:48
Original commit files touched by this commit
dinoex search for other commits by this committer
- update to 1.4.1
Reviewed by:    exp8 run on pointyhat
Supported by:   miwi
05 Feb 2010 11:46:55
Original commit files touched by this commit
dinoex search for other commits by this committer
- update to jpeg-8
31 Jul 2009 13:57:52
Original commit files touched by this commit
dinoex search for other commits by this committer
- bump all port that indirectly depends on libjpeg and have not yet been bumped
or updated
Requested by:   edwin
18 Jul 2008 13:29:38
Original commit files touched by this commit
lippe search for other commits by this committer
- Fix typo on Makefile.

PR:             ports/125572
Submitted by:   Hyogeol Lee <> (maintainer)
Approved by:    gabor (mentor, implicit)
20 Jun 2008 18:42:11
Original commit files touched by this commit
lippe search for other commits by this committer
- Update to

PR:             ports/124693
Submitted by:   Hyogeol Lee <> (maintainer)
Approved by:    gabor (mentor, implicit)
15 Jun 2008 23:22:51
Original commit files touched by this commit
lippe search for other commits by this committer
- Fix pkg-plist in NOPORTDOCS case.

Reported by:    itetcu
Approved by:    gabor (mentor, implicit)
14 Jun 2008 08:43:37
Original commit files touched by this commit
lippe search for other commits by this committer
ko.TeX is a collection of LaTeX packages made by Koaunghi Un, Dohyun Kim
and Kangsoo Kim to replace HLaTeX and Hangul-ucs.

ko.TeX contains macro and utilities.


PR:             ports/119425
Submitted by:   Hyogeol Lee <>
Approved by:    gabor (mentor, implicit)

Number of commits found: 26