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non port: graphics/luxrender/files/patch-luxrays-samples-benchsimple-CMakeLists.txt

Number of commits found: 4

Monday, 6 Jun 2016
09:37 danfe search for other commits by this committer
- Update LuxRender modern (Embree-based) branch to version 1.6
- Move DISTFILES setting back to master port exclusively as upstream had
  used correct (coherent with v1.4) tags for v1.6 this time
- Register mutual port install-time conflict (CONFLICTS_INSTALL)
- Create convenience symlink in `post-extract' rather than `pre-patch',
  because `200:dos2unix' bogusly(?) runs before `300:pre-patch'
- Since luxrays' library samples are not built as of r410138, do not try
  to patch them (GC currently no-op patches)
- For the same reason, do not request GLUT, GLEW, and execinfo libraries
  that were only used when building samples
- Convert FreeImage to an option (mandatory for v1.4) and default to off
Original commitRevision:416447 
Wednesday, 26 Aug 2015
08:57 danfe search for other commits by this committer
- Do not embed revision hashes inside patches by creating a symlink
  with constant name in `pre-patch' stage
- Add explanatory comment on why do we want to link Boost libraries
  dynamically while I'm here
Original commitRevision:395352 
Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015
20:43 danfe search for other commits by this committer
- Belatedly update to version 1.4 (switch to DISTVERSION to make testing
  of -RC versions easier)
- Point MASTER_SITES to fetch distfiles from Bitbucket (
  redirects there now)
- Add two new USES: `execinfo' and `python:version'; the latter is needed
  to avoid build breakage when both Python 2.x and 3.x are installed
- Remove `-pedantic' from CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS to allow building with GCC 4.2
  by avoiding "floating constant exceeds range of 'long double'" error
- Reword X11_DESC slightly while here in order to insert space in "Qt 4"
  while retaining visual appeal of option description text in the dialog
Original commitRevision:394657 
Monday, 23 Jun 2014
11:02 danfe search for other commits by this committer
Add the patches forgotten in r358917.
Original commitRevision:358920 

Number of commits found: 4