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non port: graphics/crystalspace-devel/files/patch-plugins-mesh-sprcal3d-object_sprcal3d.cpp

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Thursday, 30 Nov 2006
20:22 acm search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 20061105
- Remove crystalspace-devel obsolete patch files
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Sunday, 20 Aug 2006
17:39 acm search for other commits by this committer
- New port: graphics/crystalspace-devel

Crystal Space is a free (LGPL) and portable 3D Game Development Kit written in
C++.  It supports: true six degrees of freedom, colored lighting, lightmapped
and stencil based lighting, shader support (CG, vertex programs, fragment
programs, ...), mipmapping, portals, mirrors, alpha transparency, reflective
surfaces, 3D sprites (frame based or with skeletal animation using cal3d
animation library), procedural textures, particle systems, halos, volumetric
fog, scripting (using Python, Perl, Java, or potentially other languages),
16-bit and 32-bit display support, OpenGL, and software renderer, font support
(also with freetype), hierarchical transformations, physics plugin based on ODE

(devel version)


Repocopied by:  marcus
Approved by:    garga (mentor)
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Number of commits found: 2