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non port: emulators/wine-devel/files/

Number of commits found: 8

Thursday, 19 Nov 2020
20:34 gerald search for other commits by this committer
Remove files/ which should be a noop
based on an exchanged I've had with upstream.

Firstly, commits 55ba3648379d90642f174e74809b84130d6d1ddc and
e0138c4a6a7a87f1d25badd43e05490e706bc666 should obviate it need.

Secondly, and more importantly, winegcc passes that flag already

  commit e59395208d527d1bffb2725efc85fb798aee7610
  Author: Alexandre Julliard <>
  Date:   Mon Mar 28 15:47:19 2016 +0900

  makefiles: Reduce the maximum page size for modules that have a base address.

  It avoid bumping into the next allocated base address on 64-bit.
Original commitRevision:555715 
Sunday, 11 Oct 2020
10:16 gerald search for other commits by this committer
Update to Wine 5.19.

This includes the following changes from Wine 5.18 which we had to skip
since it failed to build on FreeBSD:
 - USER32 library converted to PE.
 - Console no longer requires the curses library.
 - Support for display modes with various orientations.
 - A number of syntax fixes in the WIDL compiler.
 - Vulkan shader compilation using the new vkd3d-shader library.
 - Non-recursive makefiles.

Plus the following changes from version 5.19 itself:
 - Wine Mono engine updated to 5.1.1, with WPF text formatting support.
 - KERNEL32 library converted to PE.
 - DSS cryptographic provider.
 - Windowing support in the new console host.
 - A number of exception handling fixes.
 - Various bug fixes.

Our local patch files/patch-tools-makedep became obsolete by those
changes that first broke version 5.18 and now appear fixed in 5.19.

files/ needs some adjustments due to
changed context, but retains the core tweak we've been carrying.
Original commitRevision:552045 
Tuesday, 9 Jun 2020
21:28 gerald search for other commits by this committer
Update to Wine 5.10.  This includes the following changes:
 - More progress on the WineD3D Vulkan backend.
 - Beginnings of a separate Unix library for NTDLL.
 - Better support for anti-cheat kernel drivers.
 - More glyph substitutions in DirectWrite.
 - Support for DSS private keys.
 - ARM64 exception handling fixes.
 - Various bug fixes.

files/patch-libs-wine-mmap.c has been included upstream, so remove it.

The area that files/ touches has changed
upstream; adjust the patch to those changes, maintaining the gist of our
patch all along.

dlls/ntdll has seen significant rework upstream, unfortunately breaking
on i386 with GCC 9 (though apparently not GCC 10); address that with the
new files/patch-dlls_ntdll that I submitted upstream also.
Original commitRevision:538346 
Sunday, 23 Jun 2019
12:17 gerald search for other commits by this committer
Update wine-mono-devel to the upstream release 4.9.0. [1]

Update to Wine 4.11.  This includes the following changes:
 - Updated version of the Mono engine, including Windows.Forms.
 - More DLLs are built as PE files by default.
 - Faster implementation of Slim Reader/Writer locks on Linux.
 - Initial support for enumerating display devices.
 - Various bug fixes.

files/ needs some adjustments due
to slightly changed context, alas no functional changes.

Approved by:	dbn (blanket) [1]
Original commitRevision:504944 
Saturday, 21 Jan 2017
14:08 gerald search for other commits by this committer
Make patch header consistent (spaces vs tabs, found while preparing
an upgrade of emulators/wine).
Original commitRevision:432037 
Monday, 4 Apr 2016
16:26 gerald search for other commits by this committer
Update to Wine 1.9.7.  This includes the following changes:
 - More work towards the WineD3D command stream.
 - More support for Shader Model 5 shaders.
 - C++ exception handling on x86-64.
 - Support for Windows-style static import libraries.
 - Performance fixes in the XML writer.
 - Various bug fixes.

Adjust files/ to upstream changes
towards a different image base.
Original commitRevision:412518 
Monday, 7 Dec 2015
21:31 gerald search for other commits by this committer
Update to Wine 1.8 RC3.  Just bugfixes on our way towards a release.

Pet overeager portlint (when it comes to patch format).
Original commitRevision:403238 
Monday, 30 Mar 2015
19:47 dbn search for other commits by this committer
emulators/wine-devel: add wine64 support.

 * Enable building on amd64 (including execution support)
 * Add support for clang on amd64
 * No support for wow64 at this time
 * Update pkg-plist for 32-/64-bit split
 * Update pkg-plist for missing files reported by poudriere

PR:		197798
Approved by:	gerald@
Original commitRevision:382718 

Number of commits found: 8