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non port: emulators/ucon64/files/patch-ucon64__misc.c

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Saturday, 8 Jun 2019
16:16 kai search for other commits by this committer
emulators/ucon64: Update to 2.2.0

* Switch to options framework to make the port more flexible
* Remove no longer required patches that have been adapted by upstream
* Add license information

Also while I'm here:
* Order variables a bit according to the PHB with the support of portclippy.

Notable changes since 2.0.0:

* (N64) Support for remaining 6101, 6103, and 6106 bootcodes
* (Coleco) Recognition of Coleco ROMs
* (Virtual Boy) Recognition of Virtual Boy ROMs
* (NDS) Recognition of DS ROMs
* (Atari) Recognition of Atari VCS 2600 ROMs
* Added support for NetBSD
* Introduction of many new command-line switches

* Updated support for OpenBSD (64-bit)
* Many fixes/improvements for backup devices, ROM types and command-line

PR:		238275
Submitted by:	Allison Nicole Reid <> (maintainer)
Original commitRevision:503742 

Number of commits found: 1