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non port: emulators/qemu-devel/files/patch-bd

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Thursday, 21 Oct 2010
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Update to 0.13.0
Original commit
Saturday, 10 Mar 2007
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Update repocopied qemu-devel port to 2007-03-09 snapshot:

- reset rombios32 area
- Support for more SPARC relocations, by Martin Bochnig.
- Serial console improvements, by Stefan Weil.
- Qemu support for S32 and U32 alsa output, by Vassili Karpov.
- PS/2 interface - Allow custom IO ports + IRQ, by Herve Poussineau.
- Add PS/2 keyboard to MIPS R4K, by Herve Poussineau.
- Monitor multiplexing, by Jason Wessel.
- -no-frame option for sdl, by Christian Laursen.
- Don't require a disk image for network boot, by Ferenc Wagner.
- Add -bootp option for slirp, by Anthony Liguori.
- Add OACK support to slirp TFTP server, by Anthony Liguori.
- Change -tftp option to take a root directory, by Anthony Liguori.
- 2nd serial port for Malta, by Jason Wessel.
- Increase the number of multiplexed monitor devices.
- Allow arbitrary MIPS BIOS sizes between 0 and 4 MB, by Stefan Weil.
- Allow gdbstub to connect over any serial device.
- Basic USB device resume (root hub only), by Lonnie Mendez.
- 24C01 / 24C02 EEPROM emulation for Malta, by Stefan Weil.
- DS1225Y nvram device, by Herve Poussineau.
- Make removing IOHandlers safe from within an IOHandler, by Anthony Liguori.
- MIPS FPU dynamic activation, part 1, by Herve Poussineau.
- MIPS Userland TLS register emulation, by Daniel Jacobowitz.
- New -cpu options: choose CPU model for emulated target.
  Only relevant on PowerPC targets, for now.
- Simple u-boot image loading support.
- Great PowerPC emulation code resynchronisation and improvments:
  - Add status file to make regression tracking easier
  - Move all micro-operations helpers definitions into a separate header:
    should never be seen outside of op.c
  - Update copyrights
  - Add new / missing PowerPC CPU definitions
  - Add definitions for PowerPC BookE
  - Add support for PowerPC 6xx/7xx software driven TLBs
    Allow use of PowerPC 603 as an example
  - Add preliminary code for POWER, POWER2, PowerPC 403, 405, 440, 601, 602
    and BookE support
  - Avoid compiling priviledged only resources support for user-mode emulation
  - Remove unused helpers / micro-ops / dead code
  - Add instructions usage statistics dump: useful to figure which instructions
    need strong optimizations.
  - Micro-operation fixes:
    * add missing RETURN in some micro-ops
    * fix prototypes
    * use softfloat routines for all floating-point operations
    * fix tlbie instruction
    * move some huge micro-operations into helpers
  - emulation fixes:
    * fix inverted opcodes for fcmpo / fcmpu
    * condition register update is always to be done after the whole
      instruction has completed
    * add missing NIP updates when calling helpers that may generate an
  - optimizations and improvments:
    * optimize very often used instructions (li, mr, rlwixx...)
    * remove specific micro-ops for rarely used instructions
    * add routines for addresses computations to avoid bugs due to multiple
      different implementations
    * fix TB linking: do not reset T0 at the end of every TB.
- Implement --cpu for ARM.
- And some bugfixes.

Repocopy by:    marcus
Approved by:    miwi (mentor, implicit)
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- Forced commit to note the following repocopy:
  emulators/qemu -> emulators/qemu-devel

Approved by:    miwi (mentor, implicit)
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Number of commits found: 3