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non port: emulators/qemu-devel/files/patch-CVE-2008-4539

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Sunday, 17 Jan 2010
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Finally bring qemu 0.12.1 into ports as the new emulators/qemu-devel,
release announcement is here:

Quoting from pkg-message:

- kqemu is no longer supported in qemu upstream after the 0.11 branch
was created, which means also not in this version.  (Linux has moved
on to kvm now for qemu(-like) virtualization needs, so if you want qemu
to go faster and don't want to switch to virtualbox or stick to the older
emulators/qemu port which is at 0.11.1 atm and as such still supports
kqemu you should help getting the FreeBSD kvm port updated and
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Sunday, 2 Nov 2008
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Fix heap overflow in Cirrus emulation

Obtained from:  qemu svn
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Number of commits found: 2